Opportunities Of The Calenda Plan

To be governed, even in small and medium-sized enterprises. The technologies Austria Phone Number that will make up the mosaic of Industry. 4.0 will need professionalism with specific. At the same time transversal skills. One of the strategic skills required is ability. To collaborate with the resources of other divisions, creating a network of profiles – not just IT – able to exploit the new tools for the benefit of the business.

Opportunities of the Calendar plan

This is what Carlo Capè, CEO of Bip and President of Assoconsult underlines, in an Austria Phone Number article signed by him published on Agendadigitale. it. Capè highlighted the opportunities offered by the Industry 4.0 Plan with which the Ministry. Of Economic Development announced a public commitment. For about 13 billion euros in three years in support of digital innovation. With tax breaks on investments for the “nine pillars” of the fourth industrial revolution (from cyber-security to the industrial Internet, passing through augmented and virtual reality). The opportunities for growth and productivity are extremely attractive. But it is also true that all this implies a virtually infinite and ever-expanding world of new technologies,” writes Capè. But, given this vastness of opportunities,

Of the chimera of the Smart Factory. Despite the vast quantity and variety of skills necessary to innovate. To innovate – the goal of digitization is entirely within the reach. Of even smaller companies, thanks on the one hand to the support of institutional entities such as Confindustria, Confindustria Digitale, and associations territories that constitute a reference pole for SMEs and can guide them to innovation through, for example, the Competence Centers spread across the territory and the Digital Innovation Hubs, both designed for the challenges of Industry 4.0 “, notes Capè, adding that Assoconsult, the trade association of management consultancy, is carrying out an intense awareness-raising activity throughout the Italian territory. “The support of external parties – consultants in particular – is also a precious resource for medium and large companies.

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