Other hand, to be able to work in this position, 3 to 6 years of experience are required and the salary is

For instance, Between 40,000 and 60,000 euros per year.E-commerce director it is necessary to have an. Experience of 8 years and you can get a salary .Of 80,000 euros per year. Digital manager to be able to work in this position. A minimum experience of 3 years is required. And the annual salary is between 50 and 60 thousand euros. Programmatic manager. The required experience is between 3 to 5 years and the. Annual salary is between 40 and 55 thousand euros. E-commerce manager to aspire to this digital marketing job, the experience required is 3 to 6 years and the annual salary offered is between 50 and 65 thousand euros. Social media manager this position. Requires a minimum experience of 5 years and the .Annual salary is between 40 and 50 thousand euros. Content manager minimum experience of 3 years and annual salary of a.Bout 30 thousand euros.

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For instance, Experience of Nigeria phone number between 3 and 6 years is required and their annual salary may vary depending on the For instance, autonomous community, it can range between 38 and 65 thousand euros. What did you think of this article about digital marketing jobs ? Leave your comments and share!For instance,  Now that you know the most demanded digital marketing jobs, do you want to specialize in any of the following profiles? Then don’t miss marketing courses ! Form yourself and achieve all your dreams and goals. We will wait for you! For instance, Master en marketing digital get trained with the most prestigious digital marketing master in the sector! I want to know more! 146 7 comments elena bello journalist specialized in corporate communication. Department of marketing and communication of iebs business school.

Nigeria phone number

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