Our Opinion On Wix, The Free Website Creation Tool!

Creating a website easily and for free is not easy. In this area, the Wix website creation solution was a pioneer when it was launched in 2006. Let’s discover together the main features and possibilities of the platform. We will give you our real opinion on Wix Costa Rica Phone Numbers List the article. Summary : Introducing Wix: logo is a service launched in 2006 by 3 Israeli entrepreneurs Wix also offers a more professional paid section. Allowing you to host your website on the domain name of your choice without mentioning drag and drop.

To create a website with Wix, all you have to do is drag and drop the elements of your choice to the locations of your choice. This ease of use is mainly at the origin of the success of this free online website creation platform . Just as WordPress offers plugins to add functionality to its websites. Wix also has its App Market which allows budding website creators to add multiple functionalities to their websites. Among these applications to add to its Wix site, the platform offers solutions for. Transform your Wix site into an e-commerce store, add contact forms, add online chat systems, collect emails for your newsletter,

What Features Does Wix Offer People

Wix communicates a lot about the fact that you absolutely do not need any knowledge. Of HTML, CSS or any other web programming language to be able to use the platform. And put your first website online completely free of charge and this statement is not than marketing, it’s really easy. Wix: a service now recognized worldwide. The current global reputation of Wix did not happen overnight, but the quality of its service and. Its large marketing investments have greatly contributed to its growth. The Wix site creation tool has indeed become known little. By little thanks to free quality service and its unique drag and drop website creation system. The quality of its platform but also it’s large marketing investments, particularly in Facebook advertising. Then strongly contributed to the current success of the platform.


Wix Facebook ads Since early December 2015, Wix has also started investing in. TV advertising. Here is for example the spot which is currently running on 16 television channels in France. The Israeli platform and company is now listed on the NASDAQ stock exchange, proof of the reliability. And current reputation of the service. What features does Wix offer people who want to create websites? wix app market The Wix platform is perfectly suited for creating small showcase sites and small online stores. If the basic templates offer basic functionalities. The platform in its entirety associated with the App Market makes it possible to multiply the possibilities of any Wix website. Among the features embedded in Wix, here are the most interesting.

Among The Features Embedded In Wix Here

You can activate your site in mobile version and edit it from a management. Interface 100% dedicated to the mobile site. It is very easy to add a contact form to your Wix site. You can put videos that are displayed in full screen on the home page of your website. You can create parallax effects on your website You can easily embed Google Maps on your Wix website. An application called “Site Search” allows you to add an effective search engine to your Wix website. You can easily import images published on your various social media accounts into Wix . Visitors to your Wix blog can subscribe to. The RSS feed of all your new posts .You can add a visit counter to your website in Wix You can add.


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