Packlink Pro, A Free Shipping Management Tool For E-Merchants!

Packlink PRO is a free all-in-one logistics solution that supports e-merchants in managing their shipments. Summary: Packlink PRO, what is it? Packlink is a Spanish company launched in 2011 by entrepreneurs with the aim of facilitating the management of shipments for the – Benin Phone Numbers List around the world. The company, which has raised no less than 9 million euros, continues its international development and arrives in France. Packlink PRO, how does it work? how backlink pro works Carrier price comparison: A complete and above all free solution. Packlink PRO allows e-commerce managers to compare shipping prices from many different carriers for national and international shipments. Comparing prices allows you to make significant annual savings that the solution proudly presents on its website.

Savings backlink pro Example of annual savings achievable on. The basis of 185 shipments per month entrusted to Packlink PRO Packlink PRO uses. The services of recognized carriers to deliver parcels. TNT, DHL, UPS or Mondial Relay, all these carriers are available with the Packlink PRO shipping management solution. backlink pro carriers The company can sometimes offer you the transport of certain packages using several carriers to optimize the costs and thus save even more money. A solution directly connected to e-commerce. Currently connected to e-merchants via a free Prestashop addon or through CSV files, the solution will soon be compatible with Magento, Ebay or Shopify. A complete control panel for tracking shipments. Packlink shipping management panel Packlink PRO’s shipping management interface makes it possible to follow the progress of shipments from a single interface.

A Solution Directly Connected To E-Commerce

Even if several different carriers are for different customers. Packlink PRO enables e-merchants to use different delivery services. From door-to-door to pick-up point delivery and the cheapest “Economy” delivery. Decreasing prices according to the volume of sending unit price sending backlink pro The greater the volumes sent. The more the unit price can be negotiated and therefore the more the e-merchant finds it financially. Customer service available backlink pro customer service Packlink PRO offers customer service available from Monday to Friday to answer questions from its customers. To learn more about the tool and register for free online, it’s here .All these automatic actions carried out by the tool help you to optimize the reputation of your databases and therefore the quality of your mailings.


The creation of responsive forms and questionnaires, personalized and synchronized with. A list of contacts form editor drag-drop blowpipe. The Sarbacane form editor in drag and drop Sarbacane offers its users a powerful form editor that will delight many web marketers. From the creation of simple email collection forms to the creation of advanced questionnaires. The form editor comes in the form of a free extension that must be on Sarbacane Desktop before being able to use its features. Beyond the form fields found in all competitors, forms and questionnaires created with Sarbacane can be fully personalized with the addition of modules containing images, text and much more. All forms created with Sarbacane’s form editor are automatically responsive and therefore suitable for all terminals (PC, smartphone and tablet).

Decreasing Prices According To The Volume Of Sending

Once created and validated, a URL will be provided to you by Sarbacane. You will only have to redirect your Internet users/recipients to it. 4- Targeting and personalization of emails with Sarbacane: multiple possibilities. The more your lists contain complete information about your contacts, the more the possibilities, targeting and personalization, will be numerous. Of course, if you only have the surname and first name of your interlocutor. You will not be able to go very far in the personalization except by adding the surname and first name in the subject of your campaign and/or in the body emailing. The targeting possibilities will also be very dependent on the information available in your database. 5- Sarbacane is a list of more than 200.

Emailing models so as not to start from 0 blowpipe email templates. If you lack inspiration or want to start from a template to launch your first emailing campaign in record time. Sarbacane offers a list of more than 200 templates suitable for many different activities, companies and objectives. For those who don’t know how to code in HTML and CSS, starting from. A template like the ones offered here is really the easiest and fastest way to quickly launch your first campaign. Fully customizable and adaptable once selected thanks to the EmailBuilder (visual drag and drop editor). These templates do not limit the possibilities offered by the tool, quite the contrary. blowpipe email templates 6- An EmailBuilder (visual editor) to quickly create a professional Emailing without HTML

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