People At The Center Of Digital Transformation.

Digitization is a strategic chapter in the Algeria Phone Number industrial plan of the Hera Group. One of the main Italian multi-utilities operating in the environmental, water, and energy sectors. Born in 2002 from the aggregation of 11 municipal companies in Emilia-Romagna. With a centenary tradition, the first national experience of this type.

HR value proposition, the two pillars.

The Group has continued to grow by incorporating other companies operating. In the Marche and the North-East. Million of investments. In a complex context of the provision of services between the regulated market.

Customized Algeria Phone Number up to the single operator. This search for balance is nothing new for Hera which. Precisely in order to consolidate and transfer the best corporate practices. Over the years has created about ten communities of procedures for professionals. Families, translating the best working methods that emerged from the comparison between the operators themselves. Notebooks that today, however, enjoy continuous updates, comparisons, and interaction between colleagues thanks to the Wiki mode which, among other things, is widely used, brings together employees from different companies geographically and culturally.

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