Perrier “Inspired By Street Art”: Limited Edition Bottles

This is not the first time that Perrier has called on artists to give its bottles a little paint. This time, it’s international street art. In other words, That is in the spotlight on the Perrier “inspired by street art” available in limited edition! Perrier and. The Artist is a love story that has been Ivory Coast Phone Number List on for a long time. For its 150th anniversary, the brand had created. A collection of bottles paying homage to Andy Warhol and his famous pop art. In other words, This year, the mineral water brand has surrounded itself with three Street Art artists from different backgrounds, JonOne the American. Sasu the Japanese and Kobra the Brazilian. Each of these artists created 3 unique designs for Perrier bottles. And the “inspired by street art” collection. Summary: Perrier Inspired by street art.

Artist Sasu Street Art Design Perrier Sasu Bottles Perrier Inspired. By street art: by Kobra Kobra Street Art Design Perrier Kobra Cans Perrier Inspired by street art. Art Perrier JonOne Inspired by street art. Perrier Jon One With “inspired by street art”, Perrier wishes this year to highlight urban art (street art) on its bottles. A great showcase for these three talented artists! According to Arnaud, Tillon, the Global Brand Director of Perrier. This marketing action “inspired by street art” aims to present the different facets of street art to the general public. Who do not necessarily expect this type of design when the word “street art” is used.

This Is Not The First Time That Perrier Has Called On Artists To Give Its Bottles A Little Paint

The diversity of the three artists was a well-considered choice by the Perrier brand. In order to reveal and present to as many people as possible the different types of street art that exist. “In Japan, street art is recent, some Japanese don’t accept it yet. I ask permission from the owner of the place where I want to paint. I would like to continue to paint my designs wherever I wish. This collaboration allows my work to be known and may arouse the curiosity of the general public,” Susa explained. This operation is therefore both a good marketing move for Perrier, which has its brand talked about, but also for the three artists who will gain visibility and notoriety among a wider and mass audience!


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What Do You Think Of This Collection Of Bottles “Inspired By Street Art” From Perrier

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