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Mobile payment or financial transaction information etc. Thus becoming an important target for hackers to target. For information security protection on the computer side, most people know to install anti-virus programs, firewalls and other tools to some extent. But in contrast to the smartphones we use every day, there is no equivalent information security awareness. So hackers have Lots of opportunities to take advantage of. do you know. As early as 2004. Before the advent of smart phones, the first virus named Cabir appeared on the mobile phone. It sent a large number of value-added service text messages through the infection system causing the users to lose a lot of blood. Later, in just ten years, the number of malicious programs

On mobile phones quickly exceeded 2 million

Not only targeting victims to defraud money, but also controlling the microphone and camera of the mobile phone Kenya Phone Number List monitor and monitor users, intercept incoming calls and receive To text messages. It means that every move is being mastered, which seriously endangers personal privacy. Of course, the information security hazards of smartphones are not limited to this. Let’s take a look at the information security threats that may occur around us and how to prevent them. Situation 1: Be careful that all public Wi-Fi data is exposed. Samsung Knox Illustration_1_1 Photo Credit: TNL Brand Studio Have you ever used your phone to connect to free public Wi-Fi to save money? As the saying goes. Free is the most expensive.

Especially since many public

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Wi-Fi does not have any encryption mechanism at all, all the data transmitted through the connection may be easily “intercepted” by people with intentions, including your account number Passwords, shared photo files etc. Can become something in someone else’s pocket in a flash, and it takes no effort to get it. In addition to paying. Attention to whether the source of Wi-Fi used is reliable. It cannot be ignored whether there are additional security mechanisms to protect personal privacy in the process of data transmission using mobile phones. For example, Samsung Galaxy mobile phones and tablet products have built-in Knox Vault. Technology can ensure the security of users’ data transmission by integrating hardware. Situation 2: Your every move has been mastered, whether physical or virtual?

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