Phpbb Flatboots Forum Theme Reviews

PhpBB is one of the popular forum software available to webmasters. After purchasing a hosting service, you can install phpBB using one-click installers like Softaculous. However, you need to customize Slovakia B2B List styles and install extensions to make the phpBB forum the way you want it. Apart from these free styles (themes) you can find on the official website, there are not many phpBB themes you can find in the markets. in the light of,        Flatboots is one of the premium phpBB themes and here is a review of what you will get with the theme. Related: Milk phpBB theme review. Features of phpBB Flatboots Theme Flatboots is a premium phpBB theme based on the famous Bootstrap framework. You will get the following features: Responsive theme created with Bootstrap 3.3.8 Custom header and footer with Twitter integration.

Download and Install

After purchasing the theme, you can download it from the market. The package contains files for all versions of phpBB 3.x. You can use the version according to the version installed on your site. Flatboots Theme File Structure Flatboots Theme File Structure Installing the Flatboots theme involves several steps: Style: Upload the “FLATBOOTS” folder under the “MAIN_THEME” folder to your site’s “styles/ directory via FTP. Coupled with, Access the Administrator Control Panel (ACP) and install the style in the “Customize Style Management” section. BBCore: unzip the “BBCore” archive file available in the “Documentation” folder and upload it under the “/ext/” directory of your site. In addition, Go to ACP and activate the extension in the “Customize Extension Management” section.

Add-ons Available

Slovakia B2B List
Slovakia B2B List

You can find free and premium add-ons on the developer’s website and install them on your site. In the same way as the BBCore extension. Install Flatboots style in phpBB forum Install Flatboots style in phpBB forum Personalization theme After installing the Flatboots style and BBCore extension, your site will have a skeleton framework with no content, as you can see on their demo page. Flat Boots Theme Flat Boots Theme You can create forums and manage administrator and moderator items from the phpBB control panels. However, changing the header, footer, colors and other elements requires FTP account access. Unfortunately, you cannot modify framework elements from the control panel. For example, here’s how you would change the header text that displays “Bootstrap Framework 3.3.x”. Header template in demo Header template in demo Connect to your server.

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