Players for Your Real Estate Business

No matter how perfectionist you are, no matter how nervous you are about hiring other people, the fact remains… you’re going to have to delegate if your business is going to grow and thrive. The good news is… you’re not the first Italy WhatsApp Number agent or investor to hire for your real estate business. All of our top performers have at least a few people working for them so they can focus on growing their business rather than being locked into day-to-day details. And if they can do it, so can you (regardless of your past hiring flops). I’ve spoken with 5 of our members who have been around the ringer – they’ve hired A players and they’ve hired F players. Along the way, they’ve learned from their mistakes. That’s what they had to say about how to hire A players, every time.

Someone to Crave Success

When you hire someone for your business, you’re going to have to train them on a lot of different things. You’ll need to explain to them your internal processes, how to use different types of software, and even how the real estate world works. But there are some things you cannot teach. Matt Bristow, CEO of MCB Homes Inc., highlights… “You can’t teach someone to crave success. Find someone who can communicate effectively and has a desire to do a good job or be successful at what they do. It’s something you can’t necessarily teach someone. You can teach them the rest.

Virtual Assistant

Italy WhatsApp Number
Italy WhatsApp Number

And he’s right. You can teach someone all the technical aspects of your business, but if the candidate is not eager to learn, is not already effective in communication and is not autonomous, you should probably wait to hire someone who is more disciplined – because you can’t teach someone to be a hard worker. Tip : “Establish your company culture before including VAs on your team. » Generally speaking, people work harder when they are part of a company they believe in and when they fit naturally into the company culture. As a leader, one of the fastest ways to kill employee effectiveness is to kill employee satisfaction. And the fastest way to kill employee satisfaction is to hire someone who doesn’t fit your company culture.

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