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GitHub has unveiled its 2021 annual report, titled “The State of the Octoverse”. It draws on Cameroon WhatsApp Number over 4 million repositories and a survey of over 12,000 developers to identify current trends among software development companies and open source projects.

1.4 million new contributors to open source projects
In 2021, the developer community is getting stronger. There are thus more than 3 million first contributors to open source projects in the world. This represents an increase of 1.4 million compared to 2020. (see image above)

Among the Key Figures to Remember

31.5% of active users are from North America, 31% from Asia and 27% from Europe.
Increased productivity through automation
In 2021, productivity returns to pre-pandemic momentum. This is due in particular to an ever-increasing use of automation, which contributes to both the improvement of work and productivity. “By removing friction and repetitive tasks through automation, teams perform 27% better in open source and 43% better for enterprise projects, and developers report higher customer satisfaction. work ,” says the report.

On the other hand, GitHub notes that in its open source community, projects built from code and toolchain shared by others are growing. Thus, developers’ performance at work is likely to increase by 87% when code reuse is easy and does not introduce friction.

Towards a hybrid work organization for developers
Coupled with, Developers are showing growing interest in hybrid working. Today, only 11% of respondents are considering a return to the office, down 30% from the pre-pandemic period which saw 41% of developers on site. 47% of developers expect a hybrid work organization, between face-to-face and remote. 39% are considering full-time telecommuting.

Documentation to Optimize Collaboration

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According to the report, particular attention must be paid to documentation. It highlights the value brought by open source practices such as READMEs. Contribution guidelines, problem management and the benefits these methods can have within companies. In both environments, quality, reliable and up-to-date documentation can increase productivity by 50%. GitHub notes, however, that the documentation is often underinvested.

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