Possible Impact on Traffic and New Features for Developers

Chrome 69 notably integrates “smart answers” ​​into the omnibox. In concrete terms, users will be able to obtain direct answers without accessing the SERPs. The information displayed in position zero will be directly offered in the Denmark WhatsApp Number omnibox. Users will therefore no longer have to search for a direct answer. They can then click on the answer to go to the SERP and then to the source site if they want to go further. But this novelty could impact the traffic of sites referenced in position zero. Google continues here its transition started with voice search.

New Possibilities for Developers

Google is taking advantage of the 69th version of its browser to offer new possibilities to developers and integrators, including CSS Scroll Snap and Display cutouts. The first facilitates the creation of carousels: whether they are images or sections, you can more easily configure the positions of each component on the user’s screen. The second is dedicated to support for mobile screens with a notch: you can now force Chrome mobile to display your site with sufficient margins so that the notch does not affect its design (but the more adventurous can always try to propose experiences where the notch is intelligently used).

Qualitative Analysis

Denmark WhatsApp Number
Denmark WhatsApp Number

You can consult the docs of these technical innovations here .When we work on a web project. It a site or an application, we are influenced by our own choices, and our own tastes. It therefore becomes quite difficult to put oneself in the shoes of real users. We had the opportunity to try out Testapic , a solution dedicated to user testing in real situations. And to ask “real Internet users” what they thought of our site and our content. We are continually looking to improve the BDM to appeal to as many readers and users as possible. Whether on the content of the articles, our editorial line, our UX, our design or our branding, we want to be as close as possible to your expectations and your needs.

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