Pre-launch Steps to Prepare Your Real Estate

Either the campaigns you’ve created will give you a healthy ROI – the phone will ring, leads will flow, and deals will close. OR… crickets. And if you’ve ever tried your luck with PPC ads for your real estate investment business, you’ve probably encountered as many crickets as Macedonia WhatsApp Number conversions (or maybe a few more crickets…). It’s not because PPC advertising doesn’t work for the real estate industry. For many of our members at Carrot, paid ads generate BIG time business revenue. Done right, paid advertising can become a real driving force for your business – a tool you can rely on to quickly generate leads and a revenue stream. But getting it right , of course, is kind of the problem.

Ppc Campaigns

Perhaps the biggest mistake new PPC advertisers make is launching a campaign without doing market research first. It’s remarkably easy to assume that you already know your market. After all, you’ve probably talked to your market, done at least a few deals, and maybe even lived in your area of ​​operation for a while. Either way, don’t skip this step. 😉 Spending a little extra time to make sure you are targeting the right people with your PPC campaign and writing copy that resonates with their issues, pains, fears and desires is the most powerful thing you can do to increase your return on investment and conversion rate of your website.

Analyze Your Competition

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Once launched. When it comes to PPC, keyword research is the equivalent of market research. You can use Google AdWords Keyword Planner and/or Ubersuggest to do your research. Here’s what you want to pay attention to… Competition – How many other people are competing for this keyword phrase? The more people you compete with, the higher your cost per click will increase. That’s not necessarily a bad thing. As long as the keyword phrase is high value and you can afford the cost per click while maintaining a healthy ROI, high competition can be an indicator of a worthwhile keyword phrase.

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