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The evolution of the company pillar measures the contribution to gdp (added value) represented by the telecommunications sector. The information technology and telecommunications (ict). The media and content sector and the ict product manufacturing industry. And the estimated use at the level of digital government -that is. All the procedures related to government entities- is 46.5% last year. A percentage equivalent to 21 months of delay with respect to the expected level as of december 2016 (a 62.5%). Taking into account that the goal for 2020 is for all these procedures to be digital. In detail. Several ministries presented minimal or no progress.

While the increases were Malaysia phone number registered in the ministries of national defense. Social development. Health and economy. To exemplify the relevance of the digitization of state procedures. The analysis mentioned that the constitution of a company in a day (digital system). Compared to the traditional face-to-face system. Reached 69.1% of the total number of companies constituted in 2016. Figure higher than 62.5% in 2015. “the incorporation of companies in one day has had a positive impact on the creation of new companies. Since it is more efficient. Economical and faster.

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Generating a positive impact on chilean entrepreneurship. The current business desk program is the natural continuation of this public policy.” said núñez. In another case. The civil registry reached 66% of certificates made digitally out of the total number of certificates issued. A figure in constant growth. Higher than the 55% of 2014. Although less than the historical 73% reached in 2015. Strongly determined by unemployment of officials of the institution. The gsma organization. Which encompasses more than 800 mobile phone operators around the world.

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Forecasts that in 2019 some 217 million consumers in the region will make their purchases through mobile devices. In other words. 45% of all online commerce will be carried out through cell phones. Aware of this. Financial companies based on technological platforms. Known as fintech. Invested more than us$800 million in the region in 2015 and 2016. According to the inter-american development bank (idb). This represents a huge change. According to analysts and companies in the sector. One of the fintech companies that is promoting the new payment method is yellow pepper. “three years ago it was just a concept. Neither banks nor people trusted mobile payments.” serge elkiner.

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Founder of the firm. Explains to bbc mundo. Although yellow pepper was born as a management platform for television channels that organized voting for contests or surveys by sms. When the boom in mobile banking began. Its creator saw an opportunity to diversify his business. The firm closed an agreement with banco pichincha -the largest private bank. By capitalization and number of depositors in ecuador- to offer support to its clients. Who could check the balance or see if they had pending invoices through sms. When the use of smartphones became widespread in 2013.

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