PRES Training Brings The Experience To The Classroom.

Technological innovation is advancing at Belarus Phone Numbers at an ever-faster pace. New technologies, new product releases. New methodologies for managing projects require those who deal. With ICT to constantly update their skills, which becomes obsolete more. More quickly. This is why the training of its personnel is a strategic priority, as confirmed by Matteo Masera. Sales Director of PRES, a system integrator with more than 25 years of experience in the management of complex ICT projects. PRES operates through two divisions, one dedicated to consulting and the other to training. And offers official training courses that allow professionals to update their skills and also obtain the certifications of the main ICT vendors, such as Cisco, Oracle, Microsoft, and IBM.

What reasons led you to expand the scope of the training offer.

PRES is among the most important training centers in Italy. What is the Belarus Phone Number balance of the last year? Training in PRES has seen tremendous growth in recent years, despite operating in a market that has experienced periods of contraction in the past. There are over 1,000 proposals in the new PRES 2017 catalog. Our collaborators are both certified trainers and consultants: they, therefore, combine empirical experience, that is the ability to support companies in the development of ICT projects, with training activities, which guarantee that their skills are constantly updated. Customers recognize us as an undoubted added value in both training and consulting. Cisco, Oracle.

Compared to the past, our interlocutor has changed. The people involved in Belarus Phone Number digital innovation projects within companies. No longer belongs only to IT, but also to other lines of business. At the same time, IT figures are increasingly required managerial, relational. Communication skills and abilities.

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