Print Vs Digital: 3 Reasons Not To Abandon Print Communication

While advertising investments on digital communication channels are increasing every year, print has not yet said its last word. Here are 3 reasons to use it to complement and support digital. While communication via digital channels is still very recent (less than 30 years old). Print Georgia Phone Number List is much older with the appearance of the first advertising cards in the 1860s. If since the 19th century the print has evolved a lot to now allow advertisers to display themselves on huge posters. On public buses, in the metro or even more traditionally on flyers and via inserts in newspapers and magazines more or less specialised. A print above all still has advantages that web communication envy.
Here are 3 reasons not to neglect print in your marketing mix. Summary: 1- The web does not reach 100% of the population. Print allows better distribution of advertising messages to the least connected targets. Particularly true for all companies that target seniors. ut also true for those whose personas are little or not connected. Print is an excellent physical communication channel to which anyone can be exposed, regardless of their social class. His way of life or his place of life. When the opening rate of email marketing campaigns drops due to ever-increasing competition in the inbox. The opening rate of a well-targeted and personalized mail containing

The Web Does Not Reach 100% Of The Population

For example, a flyer in a white envelope remains a very effective way to send an advertising message to its target. Although more expensive to set up than emailing. The overall cost of this type of action can be controlled by taking care to properly segment your list. Of prospects beforehand and then selecting an inexpensive but reliable printing company like. For example. 2- Print, the offline anti-adblocker response? On the web. Internet users are impatient and give very little time to the web pages and advertisements they consult in their navigation journey. Generally assailed by digital advertisements in all their forms, many of them now use ad blockers which drastically limit. The reach of web advertising campaigns among the most informed Internet users.


In everyday life, these same internet ad blockers have no choice but to travel to their places of leisure or work. These daily trips are boons for advertisers specializing in print, who can then attract their targets with many means of print communication. Posters printed in the metro for Ile-de-France residents Posters printed and posted in public transport (bus, tram, bus stops, etc.) Flyers distributed in the streets Displays placed at the edges of streets and roads … 3- Print to make a difference. When the competition invests heavily on the web, print can help companies differentiate themselves . Personalized greeting cards, personalized invitations to private events. Promotional coupons to be used exclusively in stores, printed loyalty coupons, catalog of arrivals and current promotions…

Print, The Offline Anti-Adblocker Response?

These are all simple ways for companies to make a difference through communication. print communication is not to advertising displays in newspapers, magazines and 4×3 in cities. Even if it is not essential for all companies and activities. Subtly using print communication has many advantages that can: participate in the development of business turnover. Help merchants generate more qualitative store traffic, improve retention and loyalty of existing customers. Brands, therefore, have everything to gain by focusing on this innovative field.Go to Sendpulse test SMS upon registration. The platform can send 200 to 500 SMS per second Scheduling SMS sending time Possible customization of .

SMS Intuitive and simple interface Easily embeddable subscriber collection forms on websites SMS that can be into marketing automation scenarios. Can send campaigns to contact segments only Many other services offered (Emailing, chatbots, web push notifications, etc.) API for transactional SMS management Disadvantages. Platform in English Needs to have a subscription. To the emailing software to use the SMS option 4- Omnisend SMS omniscient SMS marketing Omnisend is an interesting alternative to the other two software presented above. A complete platform offering its customers both email and SMS marketing campaigns, Omnisend stands out by offering. SMS optin collection forms to be integrated directly on its site and by the SMS credit for any Pro or Enterprise plan subscribed.

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