Professional Certifications to Enhance Employability

While it is important to know the market offers, the services available and the issues related to administrative regulations, the public cloud allows companies Cambodia WhatsApp Number to use outsourced resources and optimize their use. “ They benefit from more computing power and storage space. As well as faster access to services, which could not be obtained locally, without the need to acquire hardware . The offer proposed by Microsoft Azure makes it possible, for example, to create virtual machines equipped with the equivalent of 416 processors and 20 Tera of Ram. ” For a similar installation in a company, you would have to acquire a physical machine, order it, install it and configure it… With the public cloud, within 10 minutes of a mouse click, you access the requested resource. That’s all the difference.

A Scale to Adapt to the Needs of Organizations

Among the other advantages offered by the public cloud, companies will be able to adapt their use according to the needs. Related to their activity by developing their offer. ” Imagine that you manage a merchant site that sells toys. Normally, you will only need a little power to make your site work properly. But as the Christmas holidays approach. You will speed up your advertising campaigns and more customers will come to connect to your pages. If you have the same power throughout the year, with this massive influx. Your customers will no longer be able to access your site and you will lose sales! To meet this need, you can ask your supplier to add power from September to January in order to ensure your activity over this period.

The Skills Needed to Work in the Public Cloud

Cambodia WhatsApp Number
Cambodia WhatsApp Number

On a comparable basis, professionals will need more skills to work in the public cloud than on premises. “ On the premises, the profiles are specialized on a type of resource: the network, the storage or the virtual machine. In the public cloud, professionals must master these 3 skills while having a global vision of the different application layers . While each cloud provider offers offers giving access to specific services. It is also recommended to know all the market players well in order to evolve in these different environments. ” Companies will not necessarily choose to go only through an Amazon, Microsoft, Google offer, or even from another supplier, but they can also combine several to meet their needs.


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