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Keep the main keyword in the h1 I suspect you’d be Image Manipulation Service reluctant to remove. That keyword from your h1 because you’re generally happy with how the page ranks for that particular term or phrase. And you’re worried about lowering your rankings and reducing your traffic. Even if you were able to rank for promotion right away. Would the traffic from a temporary promotion immediately equal or exceed the traffic you’ve been getting. From a given trophy period? Probably not.But I don’t know what the variables are here, so you’ll have to answer that by doing some keyword research. Look at the search Image Manipulation Service volume for individual terms and consider. “I’ve ranked this phrase in #2 and it’s bringing x new traffic per month”. Change to “I may not be able to get to page 1 of this new phrase.

And Based On The Number Of Kwsi Might Be Able Image Manipulation Service

And based on the number of kwsi *might* be able to Image Manipulation Service bring in y new traffic.” advertise continue reading below assuming that the answer to “Traffic to a temporary promotional phrase. Will immediately replace or exceed traffic to an existing target keyword” is “No” or hesitant, and assuming that traffic and/or ranking are the kpis you care about, I’d say put this precious often it’s a bad idea. To swap green keywords for ad hoc offers that don’t contain the keyword/phrase. Putting temporary Image Manipulation Service promotions under h1hero is a great option. This is the safest way because you won’t change. What’s already working for you. Now, based on the way you express your question. I get Image Manipulation Service the feeling that the hero image is wrapped in an h1 tag. (if that’s the case.

It Probably Shouldn’t But That’s A Discussion For Another Image Manipulation Service

Image Manipulation Service


It probably shouldn’t but that’s a discussion for Image Manipulation Service another article.) it’s not clear to me if the reader can see the text. So I’ll give you the answer for both cases. No visible text. Only hero images if there is no visible text and the only content the user sees is what is in the hero image, you can always change that hero image to use your promotional content and keep the alt attributes the same as they are now . (I’m assuming the alt text is the location of the trophy keyword you want to change. Image Manipulation Service So the alt text is actually h1 in the case you describe.) this option will accomplish two things your trophy period will remain at h1 without interruption. Image Manipulation Service Visible h1 text above or below the hero image if.

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