Public Administration Tender Clerk.

After a long period of relative inertia, today even Procurement is ready Belarus Phone Number. To experience the radical change that Digital Transformation has triggered. Digital platforms and technologies are in fact completely changing. The way of working of the departments that deal with the purchase. Procurement of goods and services. Thus, the skills and professional profiles sought for each function also change. In 2017, the Public Administration tender clerk and the Procurement Manager are two of the five most requested figures for 2017, according to the recruitment agency EasyHunters.

Administration tender clerk and the Procurement.

Specifically, the former has the task of supporting the tender office and the purchasing Belarus Phone Number office throughout the entire process of participating in a public tender. After identifying those of interest to his company, he prepares all the necessary administrative documentation. The Procurement Manager is the person who in large companies deals with the purchase and procurement of goods and services. He must ensure the achievement of business objectives and manage production planning. Finally, he is responsible for the correct development of the budget and execution within the established time frame. If before companies tended to rely on external consultants for tax, accounting, or participation in tenders, now they have begun to want to have such professional skills within them. And inevitably the possibilities of placement (or relocation) increase for those who have experience in these fields.

Digital is, in any case, the fastest growing sector, “an area. In constant Belarus Phone Number evolution and which requires profiles that are constantly. Updated and prepared for new trends”. The most sought-after profile today. also the most difficult to find is precisely the Data Scientist, that is. The analyzes data to provide all the information useful for making decisions and implementing the best strategy. He has a technical academic background – usually a degree in Mathematics, Physics, Statistics, or Computer Engineering – and knows the main software for data management and analysis. The other two profiles indicated by EasyHunters are the Online store manager- the manager of the online stores who takes care of the economic aspects, the assortment of goods, merchandising activities, and promotions on the e-store, and who must also take care of the initiatives to retain customers.

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