Qualifio: The Complete Animation And Data Collection Tool!

Animating your community, generating commitment, monetizing your actions. Collecting and analyzing data are all tasks that many social media managers do. Community managers, CRM managers and digital project managers have to manage on a daily basis. Some platforms like Argentina Phone Numbers List facilitate all these actions, here’s how. Summary: Qualification, what is it? Therefore,  qualifying logo Qualifio is an online platform that allows you to create campaigns, based on web applications. With the main objectives of leading and generating engagement with web communities as well as collecting data from them. From the creation of online quizzes, personality tests to instant win contests and voting systems. Therefore, The possibilities offered by Qualifio are multiple and help companies develop their online communities on and off networks. social.

The opportunities in terms of collecting and qualifying data are also numerous. Once the data has been collected via interactive formats, we can think of personalized e-mail campaigns. Therefore, Or retargeting based on the data collected or the theme of the contest. In addition to the solutions offered to generate engagement, Qualifio is also a more global platform. Offering advanced monetization features and a CRM integrated directly into the platform. But Qualifio also and above all offers integration with the marketing tools already used by the company, your own CRM, DMP, Single-Sign-On, etc. Therefore, Aimed at any type of business, from media to agencies. Including brands, Qualifio is a complete solution that everyone can appropriate according to their objectives. However, Qualifio’s key features show a desire to focus on medium and large business customers. Qualification, how does it work?

Qualification, How Does It Work?

10 concrete examples of using Qualifio Among the many possibilities offered by the Qualifio platform, we have selected. 10 possible uses that should interest many Community Managers, Social Media Managers and digital project managers. The creation of a prediction system for sporting events: Internet users can share their prediction and try to win prizes. The creation of a blind test on a website: Internet users listen to a soundtrack and then have. go guess an element related to this soundtrack The configuration of a personality test with the possibility for the Internet user to publish his result on Facebook and the possibility of targeting on social networks based on the results of the test.


Personality test Example of a personality test result set up on Grazia with Qualifio quiz-decathlon-time-qualifio Carrying out a knowledge test about. A particular theme on a website Making a Facebook Advent Calendar The creation of a battle between 2 products, 2 brands or 2 other elements of your choice with the interest of knowing the user. Better and therefore of offering him personalized emails or advertisements. campaign versus qualifio mc donalds Here is an. Example of a battle configured for Mc Donald’s on Facebook thanks to Qualifio The creation of a game with a mystery word that. The Internet user will have to find to try to win a prize The creation of fully customizable online polls and surveys.

10 Concrete Examples Of Using Qualifio

The creation of a photo contest with an integrated voting system. Creation of a “sudden death” quiz (the slightest wrong answer puts an end to the game) or. A creation of a quiz against time (the Internet user will have to answer all the questions correctly in a limited time). Serpstat tracking seo positions Serpstat Position Tracking Feature Overview. The tool allows you to track fluctuations in positioning on desktop and mobile search results . The user can determine the data update frequency: Everyday Every 3 days Every 7 days Filters and quick access allow to quickly. Identify the keywords in progress, those in decline, those newly positioned, …

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