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Almost every major site on the Internet has a forum attached to it. They pay a big bill for hosting and managing the forum software. However, there are few Myanmar B2B List open source platforms available for free to set up your type of question and answer forum. In this article, let’s explore how to set up a question and answer website with the Questionnaires package. Related: Discy Question and Answer WordPress Theme Review. What is Questions2Answers? Questionnaires is one of the open source packages available for building community websites like Stack Overflow or Quora. It is free software from Gideon Greenspan and maintained by volunteers. Gideon has developed other platforms like Copycatted and Web Sudoku.

Features of Questions

Coupled with, Stack Overflow question and answer. Users can ask questions and comment on existing questions. in addition, You can set up reward points to encourage users to ask questions. Enable upvoting and downvoting for answers and questions. Robust user management to control spam and moderate responses. Manage questions under categories and tags. Change themes and add plugins. Configure caching to improve page load speed. Download Questionnaires Go to the official website and download the software for free. Below are the requirements to create a Q&A website with Questionnaires. You can also easily integrate the software with popular content management systems like WordPress. Follow the instructions below to install Questionnaires on your server.

Update Database

Myanmar B2B List
Myanmar B2B List

Let’s explain each step in more detail with Questionnaires integration with WordPress site Step 1 – Download Questionnaires You can choose to install the software on the main domain or on the subdirectory by following the instructions below. Go to the GitHub page and download the package. Unzip and extract the contents. It should look like below on your computer. Extract content from Questions 2 Answers Extract content from Questions2 Answers The package contains the .htaccess file which will be hidden by default. Therefore, enable the display of hidden files on your computer. Follow the instructions in our other article to show hidden files in Windows.

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