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One of the notions that people are Bolivia Phone Numbers developing from this update is that. With two updates made in the month of March each year. Would this become a new trend that Google plans to follow? One thing that can be said about. This is that it’s too soon to assume so, and only time will tell. To the question, what is Google Bolivia Phone Numbers panda, here is the answer. Google Panda algorithm update aims to end the problem of sites that thrive on low-quality pages carrying thin and duplicate content. google panda algorithm Let us understand that the key purpose of the Google Panda algorithm update is rewarding high-quality Bolivia Phone Numbers websites and diminish the influx of low-quality websites in organic search engine results of Google. When Panda algorithm update was rolled out in 2011 it was known as Farmer.

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Panda affected nearly 12 percent of Bolivia Phone Numbers English language search results in the early days. There had been so many updates to Panda between 2011 and 2015. Panda algorithm update is designed as a remedy to auto-correct problematic web pages that seek to enter Google SERPs. Some of the problem areas that invite Bolivia Phone Numbers penalty from a Google panda action are the following. Thin Content Google panda targets weak pages that use the content of little relevance. Duplicate Content Copied content is one area where the Panda SEO update did major work by punishing its promoters. The trick of Bolivia Phone Numbers duplicate content within a website can also involve multiple pages carrying the same text.

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Google panda latest update has no Bolivia Phone Numbers tolerance for web pages that carry content that has no benefit or value for humans readers. It is like click baits, where title suggests X and content say Y. Lack of Authority Content produced by sources that are not trustworthy will be a target of the Panda algorithm update Bolivia Phone Numbers impact. Content Farming Having a cluster of low-quality pages, aggregated from other websites are likely to get Panda thrash. An example of a content farm is like hiring many writers who are asked to produce short articles packed with search engine queries producing and content has no Bolivia Phone Numbers authority or value to readers. High Ad-To-Content Ratio Websites whose pages are made up of paid advertising than original content will be identified and loss of ranking will be imminent from the Panda SEO update.

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