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We recently had the opportunity to interview Adam Johnson and Brent Moreno on the CarrotCast, two partnership investors who completed their first month of $100,000 in March. In the episode, Trevor asks them how Kenya WhatsApp Number they got to their first $100,000 month — exactly what marketing strategies they used and what mindset philosophies made all the difference. If you prefer to watch or listen, you can go here to see the full interview. Or below, I’ve compiled 7 of the duo’s secret and simple strategies they shared on real estate investor Carrot’s success story. Want to know how they got to their first month of $100,000 and how you can too? Continue reading.

Make Uber Drive

Brent Moreno is probably one of the most innovative online marketers. While he and his partner often use proven marketing methods (PPC, Facebook ads, direct mail), Moreno isn’t afraid to think outside the box in order to stay ahead of the competition. The way he used Uber drivers to find deals is the perfect example. Before his real estate investing days, Moreno was a part-time Uber driver. He would drop his wife off at work and drive away for a few hours to earn some extra money. During this time, he created an Uber Facebook group.

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Kenya WhatsApp Number
Kenya WhatsApp Number

When he finally made the jump to real estate investing and gave up driving Uber, he had an “aha!” moment… Uber drivers literally just drive around town all day… If I could get a few of them to send me property addresses for vacant or distressed homes, they could do my driving for dollars for me. So he reached out to his Uber driver friends in his Facebook group and asked them to do him a favor. One of them picked him up and passed him 35 sales leads, 2 of which he was able to close. It ‘s exactly the kind of marketing ingenuity that separates the best investors from the rest. Feel free to steal his strategy and try it out in your own market. Who knows? It could be a game changer.

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