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Steve Londeau has been a Carrot member since early 2015. Before joining, he had a custom WordPress website that he invested a lot of time and money into, with a “hideous” registration form – as he describes it – and an unsatisfactory conversion rate. For two years, from 2013 to 2015, this Nepal WhatsApp Number website generated four leads for his business, all of which failed and did not close… ( not a typo ) Frustrated with this slow lead generation, he switched to Carrot and saw an “immediate difference”. “I had four ‘deals’ that I got on my website before Carrot and none of them even closed. Since then… I noticed a change immediately when we moved from my site WordPress to Carrot content — it was like night and day, I started getting leads right away and we started converting them, because they were quality leads

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First and foremost, Steve gives a lot of credit to his Carrot site. As someone who built a custom WordPress website and experienced poor performance and an incredibly low conversion rate (only 4 leads in two years), his Carrot site was a breath of fresh air. This is what his Carrot website looks like. However, he didn’t sign up for Carrot from the start. In fact, it took him 2 years, while knowing Carrot, to finally bite the bullet. And he’s glad he did. But why did it take so long to take the leap? Well, his two concerns were the same many people have when considering signing up with us… The carrot is more expensive than a WordPress website and he didn’t want to add additional overhead to his already long list of monthly subscriptions for his business.

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Nepal WhatsApp Number
Nepal WhatsApp Number

Carrot is built on different templates and it didn’t want its website to look like its competitors’ websites. Finally, after signing up and seeing the results his Carrot website was getting… Carrot real estate investor website seo traffic … he realized that: (A) Carrot used to pay for itself 10x, consistently converting high-quality leads and driving high-quality traffic – now he pays for our Advanced Marketer plan ($150 per month) to get the Aspen template, which further differentiates his site of competitors. (B) no one ever said their website looked like another competitor’s website in their market, so they don’t care 😉 And as Steve likes to say, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” Secret #2: SEO for real estate When Steve signed up for Carrot, he put in a lot of work in the first year to build his rankings and drive passive traffic to his website.

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