Remove” Button to Remove Unnecessary Extensions

Then confirm the action by clicking “remove” again in the pop-up prompt. Manage extensions manage extensions 4. Using chrome task manager to control cpu/memory usage chrome’s high cpu and memory usage can be caused by certain tabs or processes running in the background. Similar to Gabon B2B List windows task manager, google chrome also has a separate built-in task manager. You can use it to check and stop important resource processes. Go to the chrome menu and click on the “more tools” option. Select “task manager” from the expanded menu. Chrome task manager chrome task manager here you can see the amount of memory and cpu usage for each tab, app, or any other chrome process. To end a process, select it and click the “end process” button at the bottom of the task manager window. End process end process 5.

Similar to Windows

Use chrome clean up tool to check and remove malware sometimes malware and extensions can affect the browser and lead to cpu/memory overuse. Google offers a special chrome cleanup tool only on the windows version of the browser. It scans and removes any suspicious software, including extensions and adware. Open chrome settings using the url “chrome://settings/”. Scroll down and click on the “advanced” option to open the advanced settings. At the bottom of the advanced settings page, select the “clean up computer” option. Click the “search” button to find your computer. Chrome will scan for harmful software, then you can click “remove” to uninstall it from your pc. Remove software remove malware on mac, you need third-party tools to clean up malware. 6. Stop background apps chrome lets you run apps in the background even after you close the browser.

Chrome System Settings

Gabon B2B List
Gabon B2B List

Scroll down chrome’s “advanced” settings page. In the “system” section, disable the “continue running apps in the background when google chrome is closed” option. Chrome system settings chrome system settings now check if the memory and cpu usages are correct. 7. Enable hardware acceleration chrome is built for speed. It has a built-in setting to speed up the hardware when viewing high definition videos and gaming. However, when playing around with the settings, you may have disabled the option called “use hardware acceleration when available” under the “system” settings. Make sure to re-enable this option in the settings, especially if you feel the computer slow when watching hd videos on youtube. 8. Restore chrome defaults there are thousands of guides available on the internet to optimize google chrome. If you always follow some guides to change settings and flags, it will affect the performance of the browser badly.

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