Repair the Folder in Use

Many Windows 10 users are stuck with the error “folder in use, action cannot be completed” which prevents them from accessing, moving or deleting a folder. The problem may be due to a problem with File Explorer Cameroon WhatsApp Number List or a background application using the file. If you find yourself in such a situation, this article will explain several ways to give you full control over your folders. Fixed folder in use error This error usually appears when you try to eject an external hard drive or USB drive from your computer Cameroon WhatsApp Number List by opening a file from the drive. In some other cases, you may also see this message when trying to access a folder on your computer. Depending on the situation, follow one of the methods below to fix the error.

Fix Thumbnail Issues

Windows normally keeps a copy of folder thumbnails for quick access the next time you open the folder. Thumbnails can block folder actions, so deleting them might solve the problem. 2.1. Run Disk Cleanup to Cameroon WhatsApp Number List remove thumbnails Disk Cleanup removes unwanted files that could affect system performance. To run the utility, type “disk cleanup” in Windows search and select “Disk Cleanup” from the results. Open Disk Cleanup Open Disk Cleanup. Select the disk with Windows installation and wait for the cleaning utility to search for unwanted files.

Disable Thumbnails in System

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Cameroon WhatsApp Number List

Once it returns the list of files to delete, make sure the “Thumbnail” box is checked and click “Ok”. Click “Delete” when prompted to confirm the Cameroon WhatsApp Number List action. This will remove the specified thumbnails and other junk files. Delete thumbnails Delete thumbnails 2.2. Disable thumbnails in File Explorer options Open Windows File Explorer and go to “View  Options > Change folder and search options”. Folder Options Folder Options Under. The “View” tab, check the “Always show icons,  thumbnails” box and click “Ok” to save the changes.File Explorer is set to open Windows in a single process and allowing File Browser to open in a separate process may resolve “The action cannot be completed because the folder is in use by another program “.

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