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Six months ago during a presentation in san francisco within the framework of the macworld expo. There. Jobs spoke for the first time about that device with 4gb of memory and a touch screen -3.5 inches. 8.89 centimeters- that made us forget the traditional keyboard of the usual mobile phones on the market. And he did not hesitate to predict that this device. With which it was easy to interact. Would reinvent the technology and the market. That’s how it went. The iphone. Which caused mass hysteria among its users. Revolutionized mobile telephony and the entire industry.

A telephone and a device to Iran phone number use the internet. Do you understand? They are not three different devices.” jobs said during that talk. The phone. Which began work on three years earlier under the code name “project purple.” went on sale at 6:00 p.m. Et. But people had been queuing for the product for several days before in stores. At&t stores and in the 164 establishments that. At that time. Apple had around the world. By october. The company had sold 10 million devices. A fever that. Yes. Has subsided over the years. In fact. Apple released this month economic results marked by the slowdown in iphone sales.

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The company with the largest market capitalization in the united states reported that in the second quarter of its fiscal year. Which ended on april 1. It sold 50.76 million of those devices. Less than the 51.2 million iphones sold. In the same period of the previous year. The first iphone came at a time when the market was dominated by blackberry and microsoft devices. But the real revolution came later. When apple created the app store for its ios operating system in 2008. Which allows developers to manufacture and distribute applications for the device.

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And although most of today’s smartphones use the android operating system. Apple takes most of the profits in the industry thanks to the high prices of its devices. For the future. Users eagerly await the new version of the iphone. In this case. The iphone 8. Which is scheduled to be released in september and is expected to include 3d sensors. Augmented reality applications and a . The world’s largest music streaming platform. Spotify. Continues to make progress in integrating its services to provide a better user experience. This time it has implemented a new feature that allows you to create group playlists on facebook messenger.

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The company reported today. With this release of spotify for messenger. Users will be able to create and share new playlists in collaboration with their contacts and friends to get the perfect ‘playlist’. 594a795ff1e26 to start creating group lists. It is necessary that at least one of the members is a spotify subscriber. After adding the list to the chat. The other members – even if they are not users of the music service – will be able to edit the ‘playlist’ by means of the blue button located next to the text box. While all members can contribute songs. Only those with an account on the platform will be able to listen to the playlist.

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