Reveals Carrot Tech Stack Outperforms Wix

Fresh Chalk analyzed 150,000 small business websites to determine which website builders offer the best tech stacks. They’ve analyzed business websites in Hungary WhatsApp Number dozens of industries, including real estate, and Carrot outperformed ALL other website builders (except Google’s Google My Biz websites), including Wix, , Placester, Shopify, Hibu, to name a few. Core time to first byte was recorded as 0.189!!! (image source) We’ve always known that our Carrot websites are high converting and high performing, but seeing third party data has made us even more proud of the service we provide our members

Ceo of Carrot

The idea was born out of a discussion with my co-founder Patrick. He scoured approximately 150,000 small businesses listed on Fresh Chalk to improve the contact information we display on the site. We were discussing his project and came up with the idea… maybe we should dig into the data and see if there’s anything interesting lurking inside. Q: By digging through the data, you found which website builders were the most popular. Was there a correlation between popularity and performance? A: Market share and website performance do not seem to be strongly correlated. Some of the biggest website builders create inefficient and slow websites.


Hungary WhatsApp Number
Hungary WhatsApp Number

I think that speaks to the power of marketing. I see this as a challenge and an opportunity. We need to do a better job of making our products fast and educating the world about the benefits of speed. Q: How important are page speed and time to first byte to Google rankings in your study? A: Google has stated that page speed is a direct ranking factor in Google search results. Keep in mind that there are hundreds of factors that drive Google rankings, so page speed is ultimately just one component. A bad website will not rank well even if it displays quickly. Granted, Google itself is investing heavily in speed. There’s also a ton of evidence that improving page speed also benefits conversion rates, retention, and user happiness.

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