The voice business experience of tech giants Sweden Phone Number

he “2019 Voice Technology Report” (hereinafter referred to Sweden Phone Number as the report) release by Mangrove Capital Partners. A well-known investment institution in the Unite States point out that the scale of the voice economy may reach 1 trillion. US dollars in 2025, officially surpassing the mobile application economy.

People have already caught some kind of signal.

In the past few years, global technology giants Sweden Phone Number such as Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Baidu, etc. Have bet on the voice track, and projected in front of people are the following star voice products. Echo smart speaker, Siri smart voice assistant, GoogleAssistant Google voice assistant , Cortana (Microsoft Cortana) artificial intelligence assistant. Alexa voice recognition engine, Baidu Xiaodu Assistant (DuerOS).

One obvious feeling is that speech recognition is becoming the new mainstream way for humans to communicate with the Internet.

But behind the hotly contest rush betting. People can’t help but think of the platonic question: what exactly is intelligent voice? Where does it come from? Where are you going?

Tech giants grab the beach for smart voice

It is not difficult to find “clues” about speech technology from history.

As early as 80 years ago, the first machine capable of synthesizing speech was born at Bell Labs in Jasmine Hill, New Jersey, USA. If the development of speech technology is regard as a ray then this laboratory,

known as the world’s greatest laboratory, can be seen. as its starting point.

In 1954, the blue “giant” IBM work with Georgetown linguists to successfully develop a machine that could translate 60 Russian sentences into English. Soon after the first computer-base speech synthesis system was introduce, and speech technology began to be superimpose with increasing imagination.

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Sweden Phone Number
Sweden Phone Number

 Voice, the key to leveraging future business

Jack Welch, the former CEO of General Electric and consider to be the most outstanding CEO of the 20th century. Once wrote in his autobiography: “If you want to make the car ten kilometers faster,

you only need to add a gas pedal. Once it’s double, it’s time to change the track.”

The truth is that the orbit of commerce is shifting.

There is such a view in the “2019 Voice Technology Report”: “Voice interaction has reverse the existing form of human-computer interaction in the past, and a new relationship between users and devices base on voice interaction has begun to be establish. Like the previous transition from the Internet to the mobile Internet, its impact on New requirements for the underlying platform are also brewing.

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