Sending Large Large Files: The 10 Best Free Tools

Are you looking for free tools to send heavy and large files of any type for free over the internet? We have what you need. Here are 10 online tools and platforms that offer a free service for sharing. Transferring and sending Malaysia Phone Number List large files via email and the internet, regardless of their type. Sending large bulky files by e-mail to relatives or professional collaborators is commonplace. Especially with the limits put in place by mailboxes . Faced with this. You can have recourse to an external hard drive or a USB key.

It must travel with you to transfer large files from point A to. Point B (it is rather recommended because it is more secure if the person to whom you want to share. The large file is not physically far from you but much less practical if this person is not not physically close). So often the best option will be to use a free or professional online tool designed for sending large files . Here are 10 free online platforms that will help you send your heavy files (documents, Excel, PDF, photos, PowerPoint presentations, videos, etc.). Via the internet. Ps: we haven’t ranked these heavy file sharing services based on a ranking from best to worst.

End Large Files Up To 10Gb For Free Over The Internet

They all have their strengths and weaknesses but in the 10 presented, there is a good chance. That you find at least one that suits you 100%. Summary. Smash: transfer large files without weight limit by email smash All your large files, no matter how small, will be sent easily with Smash. Indeed, with this free online service , there is no weight limit . For the protection of your heavy files. The platform also offers the password system. The self-destruction of files stored within Smash’s servers is done after 7 days. However, it is possible to customize this validity period according to your needs. Send large files up to 50GB by email for free Swiss Transfer is a free online service offered by the Infomaniak web host.


This platform has the particularity of allowing heavy file transfers whose size can reach 50 GB . It is also an easy to use tool offering its users to either generate. A download link or send large files via email , all without any registration required . This large file sharing tool is also very secure, as it offers password protection and the destruction of your uploaded documents after 30 days. . However, this expiration period is customizable and you have the option of opting for 1, 7 or 15 days of validity if 30 days does not suit you. Wetransfer WeTransfer is a world-famous free tool. That allows you to share up to 2 GB of large files for free with recipients of your choice. With the automatic deletion of your documents saved on its server after 7 days, this software is secure and reliable.

Sendbox: Send Large Files Online By Email Up To 3Gb By Email

Transfer: send large files up to 10GB for free over the internet transfer. Transfer is a free software for transferring heavy files up to 5 GB in volume . It requires no registration and allows secure sharing. Even if its use does not require registration, you can still register for free. This will allow you to send large files up to 10 GB . Ransfer large files up to 10GB send anywhere This is free software that helps you send your large files since with. Send Anywhere you can attach up to 10 GB of documents, photos and large files to your messages . This platform also has an application version that allows you to use it on your smartphone or tablet.

If you are looking for more features or the 10 GB offered is not enough for you. Send Anywhere is also available in a paid version. With its subscription offer, you can share up to 50 GB of files. Website: by email up to 3GB by email send box Free, easy to use and secure as it should be, Send Box allows you to send large files up to 3 GB without registration . Is a file sharing tool developed by Framasoft. It is a free and secure online service that offers you the possibility of sending your large files to one or more recipients at the same time.

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