Serpstat: The Best Alternative To Semrush?

Therefore, Capable of competing with the biggest in the sector, Serpstat is an all-in-one. Ukrainian tool dedicated to SEO analysis. Today we offer you an overview of how it works and its best features (and a special left digital promo code at the end of the article). Summary: Serpstat, what is it? Therefore,  serpstat-logo Serpstat Logo Launched in 2013 by Oleg Salamaha. A Turkey Phone Number List with a solid background in SEO analysis, Serpstat started out as an SEO positioning analysis tool. Since 2016, the tool has been professionalized to become a real suite of powerful SEO tools and features now able to compete with the biggest. SEO tools on the market, including SEMrush.

Equipped with a daily updated database, the tool bases its reports on the analysis of. Billion keywords for the US market (twice as many as SEMrush). Therefore, And more than 105 million for the French (105,576,130 to date to be precise). With already more than 250,000 users worldwide, Serpstat has recently begun its international expansion. In terms of functionality, Serpstat has nothing to envy to its main competitor and to other SEO tool suites on. The market since it includes many SEO-oriented features, of which there is an overview. Keyword analysis: to discover the best positioning opportunities and ideas for pages to create In-depth analysis of competitors: positioning. Evolution over time, best pages, comparison of domains, etc.

Pros Of Serpstat’S Keyword Analysis Tool

Therefore, A suggestion of topic ideas for the creation of articles or pages with high SEO potential Analysis and monitoring of mobile and desktop. SEO positioning on Google and Yandex Analysis of its positioning vis-à-vis the local. Therefore, Legional or national market On-page SEO audit: analysis of many on-page SEO positioning factors and recommendations based on the results. Analysis and audit of domain and page backlinks Automatic keyword clustering and semantic analysis of landing pages. Dynamically generated reports and infographics to share. With managers to make the data speak API access for advanced users Top 3 Alternatives to SEMrush Serpstat. 6 Powerful Features for SEO Agencies and Managers Now that you have an overview.


Of the many features offered by Serpstat, here is a more concrete overview of these features. In action with a focus on. 1- Therefore, The keyword analysis tool Serpstat – dashboard keyword analysis Preview of the dashboard generated for a query with. Serpstat’s keyword analysis tool Have you always been an avid user of the Google Ads Keyword Planner? You don’t like the recent tool updates and/or the free tools don’t give you complete satisfaction? Serpstat’s. Keyword Research (Search Suggestions) tool is a very good alternative. Here’s what it does and a concrete overview of its most useful features. Pros of Serpstat’s Keyword Analysis Tool:

The Seo Position Tracking Tool

Serpstat – Ideas Keyword Analysis You can search for keyword ideas by targeting a specific country by selecting the desired version of Google. The tool displays the average monthly search volumes over the last 12 months (data from Google). You get a list of keyword ideas associated with the source keyword with the ability to filter them (by search volume, number of search results, CPC, …) and export them. You get a list of search suggestions associated with the analyzed keyword. Serpstat – Related Keyword Suggestions Preview of the section allowing to.

You get a difficulty score to position yourself in SEO in the top 10 on Google.  each competing landing page (number of keywords on which the page is positioned, estimated traffic, number of social shares). obtain a list of competitors associated with the field of activity of this keyword. can view which domains are buying this keyword on Google Ads. Therefore, You can obtain a list of questions searched by. Internet users about any subject using the “Search Questions. feature and then obtain the long-tail queries associated with a specific question: Serpstat – Wanted Questions Overview of the results obtained when using the “Search Questions” functionality.

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