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More attention is being paid to the. Quality of leading and managing. In the broadest sense of the word, because. That quality often leaves much to be desired. Vision, daring and decisiveness These 15 world. Trends require governments, companies and institutions to take a critical look at their future vision, ambitions and strategy, including drastic and sometimes unorthodox measures.

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The trends not only pose a threat, but also offer great opportunities for leaders, managers, strategists and marketers with vision, daring and decisiveness. In order to survive, organizations have to work with their why, what UAE Phone Number and how. The developments described above require a new vision from BV Nederland, a new joint view of the future. How do we see this new world before us?

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What do we want to achieve, change or maintain together? What will be the role of government, politics, public sector, business and civil society? Where do we want to be, in 2030, in 2050 and what do we need to do to achieve that? Over the past 12 years, the three Rutte cabinets have shown that the lack of a long-term vision does not help if you want to tackle major challenges successfully.

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