Short and Long Term SEM

Do you comply with the new AVG legislation ? What is your return procedure ? And in terms of customer service: In what tone do you communicate with customers? How fast do you want to answer? Make an overview of frequently asked questions. Does customer service run via email, chat app, telephone or WhatsApp? Long term or sale Finally, a question that you may not be inclined to ask.


When setting up your online store, but in my opinion it is a useful question when drawing up a long-term plan. Are you planning to set up an online store for the long term or do you want to become successful quickly and then sell your store for a profit? Depending on this choice, you Hong Kong Phone Number will make completely different strategic choices. 2. Choosing the Right Software Before you can start your online store, you have to choose which software you want to use.

Higher costs

All the different software systems can be divided into the following two main categories: SaaS Open source SaaS SaaS stands for Software as a Service. This means that your webshop is created in an existing platform where all functionalities are already available. You don’t have to build a store yourself. You can add your colours, logo and corporate identity to an already existing framework. Most SaaS providers offer the services in the form of a subscription. Examples of providers are Lightspeed and CVV Shop.

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