Shorten Your Urls Online: 11 Effective Link Shorteners

The fact that Twitter became a popular social network after having. Limited the number of characters to 140 in the past turned the small world of the web upside down in the 2010s. This led to the advent of short links and the development of reducers. of link. But why shorten Switzerland Phone Number List  and which link shortener to use in 2021? In what cases are its online. URL shorteners still useful even though Twitter has since raised its character limit per Tweet? Summary: What is a link shortener? How it works ? A link shortener is indeed an application or website to convert a long website URL into a shorter URL, possibly personalized and easier to share. Most URL shorteners offer click tracking services, but that’s not their primary purpose.

Top 11 Best Online Link Shorteners Since the web brings considerable. Advantages in the development of a company, from its notoriety to its brand image. You should not hesitate to put the odds on your side by simplifying the user experience as much as possible. This may include the use of short links in your web marketing and social media strategy. So, if what you are looking for is a list of different link shorteners. The following should interest you since you will have the choice between several link shorteners. Each with their specificities: Bitly : By far the most popular URL shortener, Bitly is one of the easiest to use. The basic features of this tool are accessible to everyone, without you needing to register.

What Is A Link Shortener

You can closely monitor click statistics, customize yours. And find links that have already been created and saved in your account. PS: if you want to know the click statistics of a bit short link from a competitor, you just need to add a “+” at the end. This trick is therefore also a disadvantage for community managers who do not want a competitor to be able to spy on their statistics. which also has an extension for firefox and chrome. There is also a member’s area to allow you to save your links and follow their statistics. : shortening link with this tool is very simple. It offers various features and gives access to statistics such as the number of clicks, browsers and devices as well as operating systems…


You can even choose the name that suits you in your affiliate programs by personalizing your alias. ‘URL. TinyURL : This link shortener has been widely used in the past and remains a staple even today. Still widely used today, it offers several features. One of the main advantages of this tool is the fact that URLs that have been shortened are not at risk of expiring. This link shortener offers the ability to customize the letters and numbers that follow the tinyurl domain. Making the generated short link significantly easier to remember. Even though this tool does not provide additional services and other features like other URL shorteners. Its ease of use appeals to a large number of users.

Top 11 Best Online Link Shorteners

You just have to insert the link to be shortened in the field intended for this purpose and you’re done. : to benefit from all the. Advantages of this link reducer integrated into HootSuite, one of the best social media management solutions. You will need to have an account on this platform (free). A CAPTCHA code is required to create a short link with this tool. However, allows you to share files, images and videos and you can of course use it directly with HootSuite. Is a simple and very effective short link generator! Created by a 100% French team and based on the Drupal CMS with the Shurly module. The little link reducer robot has become a real marketing tool. To manage your short links easily thanks to a simple and intuitive interface.

The tool allows you to measure the main statistics and especially. To share your shortened link 1 click on the main social networks. Even more, they offer personalized and human support when. Creating brand links (reducer of links in your name, although it is minimalist, this shortener is both very effective and easy to use. Just paste the link you want to shorten into the form and customize it if you want. You can then share the link, without registering. If you wish to consult the statistics of your links, you can do so by clicking on “My links”. However, it should be noted that this operation is only valid with the browser you used to reduce the links since it works thanks to cookies. using this service allows you to shorten your links while earning money.

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