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Do you want to analyze a competitor’s site to find out where its traffic. Is coming from and get an idea of ​​the volume of SEO traffic, social media traffic. Feferral traffic and direct traffic it generates? SimilarWeb is an online tool that allows you to discover such data. Summary: What is SimilarWeb? Similar web logo Similar Web is an Israeli company based in London Sweden Phone Number List founded by Or Offer in 2007. Specialized in traffic analysis and competitive analysis. SimilarWeb offers free and paid services to web and SEO professionals. With the main competitors SEMrush. SERPstat, Yoda Insight, Alexa, the tool tries to diversify by offering data that its competitors do not offer, in particular on mobile applications.

Top 3 Alternatives to SEMrush SimiliarWeb, an SEO / SEA / SMO competitive intelligence tool for websites: Concretely. SimilarWeb allows you to analyze many things on websites and mobile applications. Of your choice (the tool is especially interesting for analyzing the competition). Let’s take a quick tour of the main features of the web interface. What is your ranking and that of your competitors in France and around the world? Similar web ranking Strongly inspired by Alexa. The tool offers a report that presents the global ranking of your website against that of your competitors .

Analyzing The Traffic And Key Data

Similarweb traffic analysis Knowing the approximate traffic of its competitors is always interesting if Alexa offers you an approximate curve. In conclusion, also has such an analysis that gives you an idea of the average overall traffic of the site analyzed. Average time spent on the site, average page views per session, average bounce rate, the tool also gives you. Relevant indicators that you can usually only find on Google Analytics. What are your competitor’s sources of traffic acquisition? Similarweb traffic sources This graph gives you an overview of. The sources of acquisition identified by SimilarWeb for our site. The figures are rather close to reality overall. Similar Web will therefore give you an of the traffic: generated by search engines by direct access generated by.


In conclusion, sites that link to the site in question generated by. Different social networks generated by email marketing generated by display advertising And this for. All sites that have a sufficient audience to have data accessible on Similar Web. Which sites are redirecting traffic to the analyzed site? Similarweb referrals Similar Web will provide you with. Details of the main referring sites that redirect traffic to the analyzed site. The main sites to which the analyzed site sends traffic will also be presented. If you want to learn from a competitor’s referral traffic acquisition strategy. This report can help you find the top sources to analyze. What are the best SEO / SEA keywords bringing traffic?

Ranking Of The Application In The Play Store

In conclusion, is the share of SEO VS SEA traffic of the analyzed site . It will also list the keywords that it has analyzed as the biggest traffic generators in these two cases. Each time the reports in the free version are not very detailed but they allow to obtain good statistics all the same. Which social networks bring the most traffic to your competitor? Similarweb Social Report To find out which social network. Brings the most traffic to your competitor or any site analyzed. In conclusion, also offers you a social report dedicated to this feature. Other miscellaneous reports: Apart from these reports. SimilarWeb also offers you a list of sites to the one analyzed or the of of the audience lands on the analyzed site.

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