Site Ground Blue Host Shared Hosting Comparison

SiteGround and Bluehost are two of the best shared hosting companies for entry-level bloggers. The official WordPress. site recommends these two hosts. At first we used Bluehost to host our site, then later we The Bahamas B2B List switched to SiteGround. We used SiteGround’s GoGeek plan for a while before switching to the Cloud VPS platform. Therefore, you can be sure that scaling your site is easy at a later stage. However, choosing the right option for you between SiteGround and Bluehost is a difficult task. Based on our experience on both shared hosting platforms, here is our experience. SiteGround vs. Bluehost The guys at SiteGround have done a tremendous job in scaling their platform in the competitive hosting arena. Initially, they are not in the recommended list. However, they are now part of the official list due to their good service.

Hosting Setup

Bluehost has upgraded its hosting accounts to use a better dashboard that makes it easy to find apps. After logging in, you will land directly in the dashboard and access by clicking on the “Advanced” section. It’s more user-friendly because you don’t need to login to cPanel again Bluehost hosting account Bluehost hosting account As of March 2020, SiteGround uses a traditional hosting account where you will see the account dashboard upon login. However, you have to log in to cPanel one more time and it’s a pain that you can’t switch back to the hosting account from cPanel. This means that you must log out of cPanel and log back in to view your hosting account. Now, SiteGround has upgraded its hosting account setup and enables management similar to Blue host.

Uptime and Downtime

The Bahamas B2B List
The Bahamas B2B List

Site Ground c Panel Site Ground cPanel Site Speed Site speed is always a concern when hosting on shared servers. As far as we noticed, Site Ground limits the number of sites on the server, allowing individual sites to load faster compared to Bluehost sites. Unfortunately, this comes with some limitations and below are the limits of the highest GoGeek shared hosting plan. Concurrent server processes: 30 Simultaneous connections from a single IP: 20 CPU seconds / program and script executions: 4000/hour, 40000/day, 800000/month Average process execution time per day: 4 seconds Shared service CPU usage: no more than 20% for a period longer than 10 seconds Server memory per process: 768 MB Inodes: 450,000 Minimum interval between cron jobs.

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