Skills are The Responsibility Of CEOs

It will be the managers who will give even Benin’s Phone Number. More centrality to their workforce, accompanying it towards the new professional frontiers of the digital age. According to the study “ Harnessing: Revolution Creating the Future Workforce ” by Accenture Strategy, presented. At Davos 2017. Argues that if the rate at which workers develop leadership skills. The shares of jobs at risk would decrease from 10 to 4% by 2025 in the United States. Under the same mechanism, there would be a decline from 9% to 6% in the UK and from 10% to 5% in Germany.

Internal corporate communication

In the countries involved Benin Phone Number in the survey ( Italy, USA, Brazil, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Australia, India, Japan, and Turkey ), the positive attitude of the interviewees regarding the introduction of digital technologies in the workplace is also highlighted. 84% of the interviewees, in fact, say they are optimistic about the impact of digital in their profession. More than two-thirds believe that technologies such as robotics, data analytics, and artificial intelligence will help them be more efficient in the workplace (74%), learn new skills (73%), and improve the quality of their work (66%).

87% of respondents, with peaks reaching 93% in the Millennial Benin Phone Number. Group and lows of around 79% for Baby Boomers, expect part of their jobs. The workplace will bring more benefits than harm. Furthermore, workers today demand different answers in terms of recognition. Benefits, and support, as confirmed by the model developed by Accenture Strategy and Gallup. Non-financial factors, such as well-being, involvement, quality of life, and status are equivalent, if not more important to workers than pay and financial benefits.


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