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Social media content pascal case is a way Photo Editing Services of naming things. Using compound words (two words joined together) and capitalizing the first letter of each word. So when you look at a JSON-ld structured data script and see the spelling in pascal case (eg news article). You can tell it’s a structured data type. An example showing Photo Editing Services pascalcase’s structured data types: creative. Works article blog news article comment As a matter of fact critics review user comment event business activities children’s activities. When we talk about types we are usually Photo Editing Services talking about things. That is a service can be of a type. The way we describe a type is through its properties and relationships12 tips to improve results.

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Called properties advertise continue Photo Editing Services reading below going back. To the analogy of a person as a type, we can describe a person by its attributes. Such as the person’s education job address etc. In structured data those “Attributes.”Photo Editing Services  are called structured data attributes. Attributes describe the properties of a type or how the type relates Photo Editing Services to other things. Attributes describe or provide information about the type. Structured data properties and cases structured. Data types are spelled in pascalcase. Structured data attributes are spelled differently. When the attribute is a compound word (two words joined together). The first letter in the first word is lowercase and the first letter in the second word is uppercase.  When the structured data attribute is just a word, the first letter of the word is.

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Still spelled lowercase the figure shows pascalcase and camelcase in structured data. Illustration of how to spell structured data types and structured data properties with unique case styles. Here is an example of a compound property with two words: advertise continue reading below article body here is an example of a word property. Picture json-ld structured data script example let’s look at an example of a news article structured data script. In the example below, we see that two items are types, using the code s a part of the code it means that everything that follows is the meaning of the type. Any seasoned SEO expert will tell you how important website crawling is to maintaining strong technical SEO. However, here comes the better question – how often should you perform a website crawl? How often do they actually perform the show? In this post, we’ll discuss the “

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