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The definition of this indicator is based on the criteria established by the internet advertising bureau (iab) for so-called “visible ads”. To be considered “visible”. 50% of the ad must be viewed by a user. Considering an exposure time of at least one second. This leads us to conclude that better viewability rates would consequently imply a greater number of effective exposures of users to ads. Now. In practice. This does not necessarily turn out to be the case. Let’s see why. The first factor to consider is that this type of evaluation does not offer a complete picture when it comes to measuring the performance of a campaign. As well as the optimal use of the resources available for it. The foregoing.

Starting because it does not Australia mobile number consider a key factor when designing a digital strategy: the cost of each visible impression. Digital ad inventory is purchased under the auction model. Which means that the cost per thousand impressions (cpm) is determined based on a dynamic process. Subject to what the universe of active advertisers at any given time is willing to pay. Pay to “appear” in a certain context. Naturally. “premium” advertising spaces. That is. Locations with greater exposure and visibility. Will tend to be more expensive. Since there will be more interested in positioning their ads in said window. Photo 1 because advertisers work -in most cases- with a fixed .

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The price to pay for these visible impressions is a fundamental aspect to take into account when defining strategic media planning. As the cost of viewable impressions in prime locations rises. The amount you can buy with a given budget falls. Hence. Making your advertising purchase considering only the visibility rate -ignoring the cost of each visible impression (vcpm)- can play against both the impact of your campaign and the optimal use of your budget. A simple example is helpful to clarify this approach. Suppose rocío is the head of digital marketing for a furniture company that is about to launch a new line of chairs. For this. She contemplates carrying out a digital campaign. For which she has a fixed budget.

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Would you be better off buying inventory that guarantees 8 viewable and 2 non-viewable impressions. Or instead. Paying the same amount for 10 viewable and 10 non-viewable impressions? Although in the first case the ad package that rocío would buy responds to a viewability rate of 80% and. In the second. 50%. The volume of visible ads that she could buy turns out to be greater in the second case. From the perspective of return on investment. By basing her budget on obtaining a greater number of visible ads -instead of just basing herself on the visibility rate of the ad package- rocio would be able to reach a larger universe of potential internet users. .

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But where is the difference? In the value of viewable impressions that. In the second case. Were priced lower. Allowing you to buy more. Photo2 as we have seen. Buying an ad package that ensures a better viewability rate is not necessarily synonymous with obtaining a greater number of ad exposures. If we have a fixed budget. Considering the number of impressions that we are actually acquiring is key when it comes to optimizing the investment and enhancing the impact of the campaign. The challenge lies precisely in maximizing the number of viewable impressions given the limited budget available. As we have seen. The allocation of resources based on a single factor can lead to poor decisions when it comes to media planning.

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