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This Can Be Really Helpful for a Branding Refresh or Taking a New Direction. Wix Is Great. but You’d Have to Start Over from Square One to Make Such a Significant Change. “It Can Be as Simple or as Complicated as You Want It to Be.” Said an Artist Who Uses Squarespace as Both a Portfolio for Displaying Different Types of Artwork. as Well as an Online Store Where Customers Can Buy Originals and Prints. She Really Appreciated How Easy It Was to Add Functionality to Her Site. “There Are So Many More Capabilities Behind the Scenes That They’re Already Built-In.

She Said. It’s Just a Matter of Clicking a Button. Instead of Having to Install a Plugin. Getting It to Work. and Keeping It Up to Date. This Level of Manual Maintenance Is Something You’d Run into a Lot with WordPress. Which You Have to Build from the Ground Up. Squarespace Is More or Less Ready to Go. Especially If You Go with One of the Built-In Templates. as Another User Explained. “You Don’t Have to Constantly Be Installing Updates. Because It’s What They Do Across the Board with a Limited Number of Templates.

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Not Having to Manage Custom Themes or Plugins Is a Israel phone number Time-Saver and Protects Your Site Automatically from Potential Security Vulnerabilities. “I Knew That Everything Would Always Be Up to Date.” This User Said. Adding How Much They Enjoyed Not Thinking About It. That Was a Common Theme Among Squarespace Users–they Were Able to Keep the Backend Management Pretty Simple Despite Growing Their Stores Considerably. “My Sales Are So Much Higher Than They’ve Ever Been and It’s So Easy.” Said One User. “I Mean.

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Nothing About It Has Gotten Harder.” Squarespace Drawbacks Templated Design: You Don’t Have Total Control Over How Your Website Looks. Most Users Were Happy with the Final Result. but You Lack Complete Design Freedom. Advanced Users Can Make Changes in the Code. but Even That Is Harder Than with Other Platforms. Difficult to Scale: Handling a Large Number of Products. Hundreds of Variants. and Multiple Inventory Locations Won’t Be as Easy as It Is in Shopify or Bigcommerce. Successful Squarespace Sellers We Talked to Did Not Have a High Volume of Orders.

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Limited Extensions: There Are Only 28 Pre-Built Extensions for Squarespace. Which Means You Have Fewer Options to Increase the Tracking. Shipping. Merchandising. and Other Functions of Your Store. Every User We Spoke with Was Happy with the Design Interface and What Their Store Looked Like. but I Don’t Want to Give the Impression That Squarespace’s Design System Is Completely Freeform. with Wix. You Can Move Page Elements Wherever You Want on the Page. You Can’t Quite Do That in Squarespace. as One User with Experience in Both Platforms Said. “With the Layout of Squarespace.

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