Strategic Skills For ICT Professionals

Digital revolution and globalization. These are the two great Thailand Phone Number opportunities that companies have today to push business beyond the borders of traditional competitive scenarios. But often, due to a lack of tools and knowledge, these opportunities turn into constraints, even obstacles. How to deal with the rapid evolution of technologies, not only from a technical but also from a cultural point of view? The first thought naturally goes to continuing education.

This implies a great transformation effort.

But in an era in which flexibility, mobility, and on-demand are the Thailand Phone Number new keywords, how does the training offer change? Cinzia Galofaro, Education Manager of PRES, system integrator and official training center Cisco, Oracle, Microsoft, and IBM talks about it. How have the needs of companies changed? The managerial world is adapting to digital evolution, a prerogative that previously belonged only to the most technical professionals. This does not only happen in sectors that are taking full advantage of technology. To develop their business, such as Finance, Telecommunications, or Retail. Digitization impacts all sectors. Training times are also changing: organizations increasingly. Require blended delivery methods, that is, those who know how to combine classroom experience. With remotely trained activities: virtual classes, e-learning, micro-learning, gaming, or even video pills. shared on mobile devices.

But the real news is that we are asked for more. More Thailand Phone Number classes are dedicated to communication, problem-solving, and leadership. Which are subjects that are transversal to all sectors and all company functions. This is why, alongside the Soft Skills and Business English on-demand courses, that are tailor-made for each company, we also offer scheduled training sessions, i.e. public and inter-company training sessions. In fact, they have become real 4.0 workers

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