Strategies And Suggestions For Developing Digital Skills.

Developing digital skills is today, a fundamental requirement Iceland Phone Number for any professional. Digital transforms the daily life of the entire organization. From back-office employees to technicians “in the field”, without counting middle managers and managers. The fundamentals of computer science are changing and this requires a change of pace – explains Gloria Gazzano. President of AICA Lombardia  Digital skills permeates all professions and their evolution.

How to develop the right digital skills

s now a key requirement for the digital transformation of the Iceland Phone Number company. And just to take stock of the evolution of digital skills in Italy. AICA Lombardia has called together the members of its community. Dedicated to the protagonists of the Digital Transformation the D-Avengers.


He is lacking the underlines Open-mindedness, emotional intelligence. The agility of thought And it is precisely these that slow down the diffusion in the company of the latest generation technologies such. Artificial Intelligence, which according to our data is present in only 4% of Italian companies.  EY’s “ Attractiveness Survey 2018 ” indicates the ability to execute, problem-solving. And the aptitude for teamwork is among the most sought after by companies, followed. By leadership, resourcefulness, and creativity.

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