Switching From an Iphone to an Android Phone

Switching from an iPhone to an Android smartphone can be confusing, but there Bahrain WhatsApp Number are many tips to get used to it quickly and facilitate the transfer of photos, videos, contacts, calendars, documents… Discover all the useful information when moving from an iPhone to an Android.

Equivalent Native Applications

When setting up a smartphone, a large number of native applications are preinstalled so that you can use them without waiting. These applications are specific to each manufacturer, but often remain very similar, whether it is Google, Apple, Samsung, Xiaomi or Huawei. There are many equivalents between those available on iOS and those available on Android. The best known and most used are:

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Native Google applications (Chrome, Gmail, Maps, YouTube, Drive, etc.) are already installed by default on Android. You can easily find equivalents to some of Apple’s flagship applications such as Safari, Mail, Maps or Files.

Despite slightly different interfaces, you should easily find your bearings on these applications which offer almost the same functionalities.

Features of Android smartphones

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Despite sometimes similar interfaces, there are real differences between iPhones and Android smartphones. Indeed, the open source operating system based on the Linux kernel and developed by Google offers users much more freedom in data sharing. It is therefore much easier to download and exchange files, while maintaining a high level of security that guarantees data protection and protects your device from malicious approaches. Please note, to use your Android phone you must use a Google account.

The main strength of Android comes from the wide choice of brands and models. (more than 24,000 different between smartphones and tablets according to Android). Indeed, the most popular OS in the world allows you to choose a suitable smartphone according to everyone’s criteria: size, camera, storage, amount of RAM, processor, batteries, color… This wide choice also offers models for all budgets, ranging from the most affordable smartphones to the top of the range.

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