Talkwalker Review: The Best Social Listening Tool?

Talkwalker is a comprehensive social media monitoring and analysis tool. Today we are going to present to you this tool which is still little known in France despite its many advanced features. From simple hashtag analysis to in-depth analysis of visual brand mentions. Talkwalker will Bosnia and Herzegovina Phone Number List have no more secrets for you! Summary. Talkwalker: what is it? talkwalker logo Talkwalker is a social media monitoring and analysis tool that allows companies. To precisely follow what is being said about them, their competitors and the key topics related to their activity. Talkwalker is a brand of the Luxembourg company Trendiction. The social media listening tool was founded in 2009 by Thibaut Britz and Christophe Folschette.

Talkwalker, what is it for? The tool makes it possible to analyze in detail any subject or event via customizable dashboards. Beyond monitoring, the tool also makes it possible to carry out all types of analyzes including market studies via the analysis of. What is publicly by social media users, but not only… Who already uses Talkwalker? Already used by more than 500 customers around the world , the tool has already won over major accounts such as. Air Liquide, Volkswagen, KPMG, Publicis and Benetton. Beautiful references. That have been seduced by the power of a search engine that analyzes more than 150 million sources in 187 languages ! Talkwalker customers Talkwalker is 4 tools in 1! Talkwalker Analytics: surely the most complete tool in the suite.

Who Already Uses Talkwalker?

Talkwalker’s social listening tool allows any company to follow and analyze all of the discussions of Internet users. A subject or a brand on social media, forums, news sites, newspapers, radio and many other sources… In total, the tool analyzes more than 150 million external sources (blogs, sites, forums, written press, radio stations, etc.) and is therefore not limited to only social platforms. Talkwalker Image Recognition: This tool, integrated with. Talkwalker Analytics, allows businesses to track and analyze visual mentions of their brand on social media and across the web. Operating thanks to artificial intelligence developed internally by. Talkwalker, the tool is capable of analyzing millions of visual publications (Instagram photos, Twitter photos, Facebook photos, press articles, blog articles, etc.)


To find the logo of a brand even when the latter is not in the publication. This innovative tool allows companies in particular to. Estimate the real reach of their offline advertising investments detect negative/positive. Visual mentions that can impact a brand to detect possible crises / bad buzz in progress discovery. New influencers on social media track visual mentions of a competing brand to analyze them Talkwalker Social Search. This free tool allows any business to search for a brand or hashtag of their choice to get the number of mentions and identify influencers across 7 days of data. The tool allows users to filter results by social network.

Talkwalker Analytics, How Does It Work?

Influencer and by engagement generated (likes, shares, retweets, etc.) on posts. Talkwalker Alerts : this free tool is one of the best alternatives to Google Alerts. Working in the same way, it allows anyone to track mentions of a brand in articles published on the net. To test the tool for free for 14 days, click here. free talkwalker tools Talkwalker Analytics, how does it work? Talkwalker’s social listening tool has a set of elements that, together. Allow any user to obtain a lot of actionable data to analyze in a minimum of time (all without the need for special knowledge). Talkwalker topics and projects Talkwalker topicsTalkwalker research topics are single keywords, groups of keywords. Combinations of keywords and/or hashtags to track and monitor within a project.

The configuration of topics is done via a search interface allowing the follow-up of. A very precise query thanks to more than 40 Boolean operators and search options. Topics can be into categories. Each topic can contain multiple queries. talkwalker queries It is possible to preview the results of a query before saving it. Filters on Talkwalker: Filters make it possible to specify and further refine the results obtained using even more precise keywords and by using Boolean operators again and again. These filters can be or during scans. Talkwalker events: Events are  time intervals. Creating several can allow you to quickly compare data over two distinct periods. talkwalker events Talkwalker Analytics: The Analytics section of Talkwalker is the heart of the tool.

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