Technological unemployment: bridging the digital skills gap requires

n the historical moment in which we live, the issue of Germany Phone Number of technological. Unemployment is unfortunately on the agenda. However, the loss of work due to technological change is not, as one might think. Simply due to the introduction of automation which reduces the number of operations that require the presence of man. The new technologies that have emerged from artificial intelligence have been immense. Potential and can have positive repercussions for the whole of humanity. Creating wealth and employment, but also offering interesting new ways to explore most academic disciplines.

Technological employment the importance of investing in research and training

It is therefore obvious the need for collaboration between the Germany Phone Number industry and academia in the field of artificial intelligence and other frontier technologies, despite the skepticism of those who consider these cooperations advantageous only for companies and want research conducted without commercial purposes. Against this backdrop, political authorities show less concern about trade benefits as they welcome economic growth and the jobs that come with successful business operations. However, it may happen that they too raise theirs. Objections when the company in question is based in a foreign country.

In the 1980s and 1990s over Japan’s economic rise. In the book Predictive Machines (2018), Ajay Agrawal recounts how, during a congressional hearing in 1999, MIT economist Scott Stern was asked what approach the United States should have taken in the face of increasing investment in Research. & Development of Japan and other emerging economies, suggesting how these countries could pose a threat to American prosperity. Innovation is not a game of winners and losers, there are only winners. American consumers could only benefit from further investments in innovation by other countries.


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