We test everything here at Disruptive Advertising, and we strongly recommend you test your pricing, too.

There are a few ways to do this.

You can get feedback from your community (including customers) before or after raising prices. Are they still willing to pay, and do they think it’s worth it? Having an explanation of the increased pricing can help.

You can also test out different prices and intro offers. Start with the price you think your product should be at, and then drop it through sales if it’s too high. See if sales increase accordingly.

Your goods are selling like hot cakes

you can always test rolling out pricing increases, too.

Your role then becomes more of directing the story, which is told by Sri Lanka Phone Number the main characters themselves. Internal community engagement. 3. Ensure engagement In order to give all those storytellers a stage, it is important that the above-mentioned fishponds exist. As an organization you have to ensure that you can reach all important strategic groups. From Communication you can take the lead in this. A number of groups are logical and probably already running: business units, departments, locations. But also think of creating connections, such as communities of practice of people with the same role, or communities of interest around specific themes.

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Examples of such groups that have received

a lot of attention lately are ERGs ( Enterprise Resource Groups ) of employees with a shared identity, which contribute to diversity and inclusion. Or groups around CSR ( Corporate Social Responsibility ), which are a good way to involve colleagues more widely in the organization, for example on themes such as sustainability and charity. You can be the catalyst for this. 4. Coach managers But of course you don’t have to do everything yourself. In fact: not at all! However, as communication people you can motivate and inspire others. According to Microsoft’s Work Trend Index mentioned earlier , 72% of managers feel they are not well supported in setting up hybrid work. You can play an important role in communication. In particular, engage your Communication Business Partners for this.

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