The 4 Best Platforms To Find Your Freelancer

Faced with ever-increasing demand and supply, recruiting a reliable and quality freelancer has become a real challenge. Therefore, Today, there is a multitude of networking platforms on the France Mobile Number Database to find your happiness. How to find you there? Whether you are self-employed or looking for. Someone to meet the needs of your projects, the team shares the best platforms to find YOUR freelancer. Summary: Why outsource to freelancers? The real reasons If you’ve been following us for a long time, we won’t teach you anything: create a website, develop a mobile application.  Therefore,  Are you looking for someone qualified to launch your future projects?

Have you ever thought about outsourcing? Some advantages of hiring a freelancer for your project: Availability. A freelancer can manage his schedule as he wishes and can thus be responsive to your needs. He can work remotely since he has his own office or he can also travel directly to the client. In addition, by going through a freelancer. You will save time on validations unlike what can be encountered with the corporate hierarchy system. The price: if we relate to the hourly cost, using the services of a freelancer is more expensive than an employee. However, the company pays less by entrusting its projects to a freelancer. You should also know that a freelancer works on a project over a short period. While an employee commits to work over several years.

Which Platforms To Choose To Outsource A Digital Project?

Skills: offering you the services of a freelancer means above all benefiting from their expertise in a field that you do not master. It also means obtaining an external vision and a fresh look at the project. Find qualified freelancers quickly on Which platforms to choose to outsource a digital project? 1- Fiverr Fiverr Launched in 2010, Fiverr is a reference platform for connecting companies and freelancers, the vast majority of whom are experts in graphic design, design, digital marketing, animation and video, copywriting and translation sectors. In total, there are 240,000 freelancers present in 300 different disciplines (writing & translation, graphic design, web development, video & animation, music and voiceover, etc.). Present in 160 countries, Fiverr seduces enormously by its simplicity and its speed in the management of the missions between.


Diversity of services offered: a single location for all your needs. Ease of searching for profiles thanks to the power of the search engine and filters. International platform: access to English-speaking freelancers. Accessible to all: prices adapted to everyone’s needs and budgets. Quality, Expertise: skills test sent to each new freelancer to check the skills of the reference freelancers, individual evaluation of each Fiverr Pro provider Skills test sent to each new freelancer to check the advanced skills in the profile. Responsiveness of freelancers present on the platform. Fiverr has built a Business offer adapted to companies and the management of complex / specific projects.

How To Choose Your Freelancer?

This offer facilitates sourcing and project management with freelancers. Secure payment: the amount of the service is debited only upon validation of the work performed. 24/7 support (for Fiverr Pro accounts) ● Mobile application that facilitates follow-up and communication with the provider. Therefore, the diversity of offers can make the choice complex. Few French-speaking service providers are available for certain service categories. Indeed, very few French freelancers are there at the moment, therefore, you will be less confronted with competition as we can find on Malt in particular. Malt Founded in 2013, Malt (formerly known as Homework) is another platform for connecting freelancers and companies based in France.

Unlike Fiverr, the platform focuses on “local” and promotes local exchanges thanks to its geolocation functionality during the research phase. Today, it allows more than 230,000 freelancers to find jobs daily. The platform is also developed in Europe (with a limit on the services offered). Wide choice of profiles thanks to free registration Intuitive interface Precise targeting of the profiles sought Possibility of direct contact thanks to the instant chat tool Above all networking and contracting. The commission is quite high (10% on average) Insufficient follow-up in case of disputes 3- Up Work Upwork is an international freelance platform. Above all  The platform offers all kinds of services, not only on the web. There is, for example, interior design, financial support or even translation. Each year, Upwork connects 12 million freelancers with 5 million clients.

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