The 6 Best Keyword Research Tools for Blogger

Proper keyword research is essential for blogging for SEO purposes. Solid keyword planning is the foundation of your content strategy and greatly influences the Trinidad and Tobago B2B List success of your blog. A well thought out and researched keyword serves as a source of high quality web traffic to your blog. Therefore, keyword research is central to many SEO best practices. If you don’t use proper keywords, it will greatly hinder the success of your blog. That’s reason enough to take your time on keyword research and steer your content strategy in the right direction. There are several keyword tools you can use for your blog, but the best version is the one we’ve compiled in this list.

Ahrefs Keyword Explorer

Among the countless tools used for keyword research, Ahrefs is one of the most outstanding tools with a sleek interface and in-depth keyword analysis. Many bloggers turn to this tool to craft an outstanding content strategy. The tool is capable of performing broad keyword analysis based on clickstream information. The Keyword Research Tool has also recently revamped its tool to give you a new Keyword Explorer with improved performance. Introducing Ahrefs Introducing Ahrefs You get access to data like search volume, clicks, keyword suggestions, keyword difficulty score, and more. The tool allows you a 7-day trial offer on two of their plans, which are standard and lite.

Google Keyword Planner

Trinidad and Tobago B2B List
Trinidad and Tobago B2B List

Then you have to subscribe and pay for any plan you want from four plans. 2. SEMrush SEMrush tool SEMrush tool There is a key difference between this keyword research tool and other research tools. It shows some keywords your competitors are using. Rather than just creating an endless list of keywords. Thus, this keyword tool helps you go further. Unlike Ahrefs which is based on click metrics, SEMrush relies on overall estimated organic traffic to rank for your keywords. Therefore, you get an estimated organic visit for a keyword on a monthly basis, the traffic cost which shows the traffic values ​​of the keywords rated on Google Ads CPC. A keyword with low organic traffic but high traffic cost indicates that such a keyword leads to purchases and is likely used by sellers of products and services.

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