The 7 qualities of an effective layout

Whether in word or indesign, for a presentation document or an annual report, layout is an art . In graphic design, each element has its reason for being and it is possible to create attractive documents, regardless of the software used or your level of skill when you apply these few basic notions. By definition, the layout and arrangement of characters, photographs and other graphic elements to disseminate a message on a paper or digital medium. So here are some tips and tricks that dont require graphics software and are applicable to all your documents. 1. Clear objective layout is a means of communication. Like any vector of communication, it is important to have a clear and precise objective as to the nature of the document and its use .


Color Using Swatches Before Putting It Everywhere.

Is the document intended to be a reference object, a promotional jewelry retouch service tool or an instructional aid will it be read from cover to cover or only skimmed through 2. Structure the document structure is the skeleton of the layout . The table of contents is a good indicator of the hierarchy between elements. It makes it possible to determine the elements that will be more important and those that will bring precision to the content. Even if the layout affects the content of the message, a wellstructured and organized content greatly facilitates the visual understanding of the document. 3. Uniformity an effective layout should never have more than 2 fonts and 3 colors . Although hundreds of fonts are available on your workstation and thousands of colors, it is more appropriate to limit these choices to provide visual cues to the user.

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Given the Importance of Color in Our Appreciation.

In addition, it is important to align with the DKB Directory existing brand image logo, website, other communication tools to maintain a family resemblance throughout the message. A selection of photos following the same style will also be important to feel a guideline in the document and especially no clipart 4. Contrast to add dynamism to a layout, it is possible to add elements that will contrast with the normal body text, such as a box, a quote, a data infographic or a photo. These are the elements that should stand out from the text with a complementary color, different size and alignment. Although these elements will be different from the main content, they should all be similar so as not to make a document too disparate. Rather than asking yourself what you can add to improve your document, ask yourself what you can take away to improve its understanding.

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