The Best Emailing Software Of The Moment?

Are you an e-merchant, a web professional, or an entrepreneur looking for professional emailing software to manage your? Therefore, Emailing campaigns with quality deliverability and user interface? Sarbacane may be the emailing platform for you. Discover our Belize Phone Numbers List test of the 100% made in France emailing solution! Summary. Therefore, Presentation of Sarbacane blowpipe desktop home Sarbacane is a 100% French professional emailing solution launched in 2001 and with a routing infrastructure based in France. Therefore, Sarbacane Software is managed by Mathieu Tarnus. The company is based near Lille, in the small town of Hem. A key figure in emailing in France.

Sarbacane has managed to make a name for itself among the very. Best emailing software on the market, in France and internationally. Sarbacane is a few figures Sarbacane, it’s 15 years of experience in emailing Sarbacane is more than 72,200 regular users Sarbacane is a team of 70 employees. Sarbacane Software is a solid group with more than 7 million euros. In turnover in 2015 Sarbacane Software, an emailing software recognized in. France recognized emailing blowgun Sarbacane is a member of the National Syndicate of Direct Communication Sarbacane is certified as a trusted provider by the association of marketing professionals (ADETEM) Sarbacane is a member of BPI Excellence 2015.

Targeting And Personalization Of Emailings With Sarbacane: Multiple Possibilities

Solutions on the market at the Bsoco Awards 2014, 2015 and 2016. Sarbacane is a contributing member of Signal Spam, a non-profit association that fights spam and unsolicited emails. Mailify Desktop: how does it work? This presentation video shows you how the creation. Of a campaign works on Sarbacane Desktop Here is an example of a campaign sent from the platform Sarbacane. 12 essential features to discover 1- Importing contacts simplified. 6 ways to do it on Sarbacane import Mailify contacts Sarbacane allows us. To quickly and easily import the contacts to be targeted with our campaigns thanks to 6 different import methods. With Sarbacane, you can therefore decide to import contacts.


In one click via a previously built Excel or CSV file One-click via Outlook In one click via a Text file. By copying/pasting the list of emails to import into the dedicated. Sarbacane interface By manually adding contacts one by one. By automatically importing and synchronizing emails and contacts to your database hosted on Sarbacane using free modules and plugins for PrestaShop, Magento and WordPress 2- Automatic optimization of contact lists by . Sarbacane Automatic deletion of duplicates With Sarbacane, there is no need to worry about detecting and deleting duplicates in Excel upstream, the software manages this automatically.

Sarbacane Is A List Of More Than 200 Emailing Models So As Not To Start From

Automatic domain name correction In addition to this first 100% automatic optimization. Sarbacane also automatically corrects the domain names of emails when they contain errors. Automatic detection of the civility of the recipients Completely automatically. Even if your collection form does not capture the information, Sarbacane will be able to detect the civility of your recipients so that it can adapt your message using the message personalization features available on the tool. Automatic management of unsubscriptions and NPAI Of course, Sarbacane also manages the unsubscription of your contacts in a 100% automated way.


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