The choice of colors in graphic design

Color is probably the graphic element that has the most impact on the unconscious when it comes to design . It can convey an emotion, grab attention and even send a message before you even see the content. Why is it so difficult to choose a color because color appreciation is very subjective. The choice of paint color on the walls of a couples kitchen is a good example of subjectivity. The appreciation of the color is very subjective. Whether for a logo , layout or packaging, the choice of colors is an essential element of the message to be transmitted. 85 of consumers say color is an important factor in their purchasing decision.


Too Many Variations and Combinations.

Color can also increase consumer brand recognition by 80 source e-commerce photo editing kissmetrics what image do you think of first when you hear “ cocacola ” the red or the signature when looking for a healthy option at the grocery store, do you compare the nutrition facts tables or take the product that has a blue label color and theory despite the very subjective and emotional aspect of color, the theory behind these choices is very real and scientific . Also, how the color is created additive or subtractive synthesis will impact the end result. To simplify, color is either composed of bright red, green and blue pixels screens or cyan, magenta, yellow and black ink pigments printing. These are the redgreenblue rgb and cyanmagentayellowblack cmyk recipes.

e-commerce photo editing

All Over and Judging the Result.

It is also possible to choose pantone colors, each DKB Directory of which is numbered and corresponds to a specific and unique color, much like the color system of paint manufacturers sico, benjamin moore, etc.. Ambient light incandescent, fluorescent, natural, etc. As well as the environment around the color will influence the perceived color. Color deviation this graph illustrates the difference between. The colors perceptible by the human eye, which can be reproduced on the screen and printed.

These differences are important since they explain why it is so difficult to reproduce the color perfectly. Basically, there is a gap between the spectrum visible to the human eye, what can be reproduced by screens and what. Printed with standard inks. In addition, a good calibration of your equipment is necessary since the pigmentation of the inks, the type of. Paper and the quality of your screen will have an impact on the necessary conversion of colors. From one system to another.

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